Study of the Bhagavad Gítá on MP3 (Portuguese) in the Dharma Bindu Site

| 12-18, 2008

Daniel Oliveira and Miguel Homem are producing a program that consists of the live recording of teaching sessions given by Miguel Homem, in the Sat Sanga that he contucts in Espaço Dharma Bindu, on one of the central books of the Yoga philosophy and India’s culture, the Bhagavad Gítá.

Quoting George Feuerstein (1974), in his book “Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita”, “The Bhagavad Gítá, the ‘Song of the Adorable One’, is not only the most popular part of the canon of the Hindu orthodoxy, but at the same time also a remarkable book on Yoga and one of the most touching documents of early philosophical and religious reflection.”

According to Daniel Oliveira, the Gítá deals with the universal limitations of the human being, like ignorance, suffering and death. The text reveals us that those human problems are caused by the ignorance about the real nature of who we are. Extracting its essence from the Upanishads, this knowledge, Brahmavidyá, frees us from any sense of limitation or incompleteness. This is the main teaching of the Bhagavad Gitá.

The program follows the study outline proposed by Swami Dayananda in his course on the Bhagavad Gítá, in accordance with the Vaidika tradition in Adi Shankaráchárya’s line, and has a light and good-humored tone, which is rare when these matters are studied.

These teachings are available in the site, in the section Cursos e Eventos, under the designation “Estudo da Bhagavad Gita Áudio”. Searching the site with this name is another easy way of finding it.

More information in: Dharmabindu or Espaço Sattva


George Feuerstein (1974), Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita, A Quest Book, Illinois, USA, First Quest Edition, 1983.

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