Portugal: Ashtanga Yoga Bhakti Nidra – MasterClass – c/ Isa Guitana – Abhyasa Yoga Studio

| 01-18, 2024

Lisbon | 23 January, 2024

   Ashtanga Yoga Bhakti Nidra – MasterClass – with Isa Guitana – Abhyasa Yoga Studio in Lisbon.

With great joy, we bring @_isaguitana to the studio once a month for a master class with her unique approach.

This Master Class will have 3 moments:

– Breath of Life –
Reenergize Yourself –
How to retain & channel Prana, vital energy contained inside the breath

Isa will help you to remind you that your highest truth is that you are breathing, you are alive

– Moving with Awareness – Challenge Yourself –
How to wait for the breath to feed the movements of life in the most sustainable and optimal way

Her unique approach in the Yoga practice invites this constant parallel to life, while guidind Isa unfolds her singing voice as the most advance technology for healing through the vibrations of sound that awakes transformation and transmutation of personal boicote into personal empowerment while harmonizing both polarities, unlocking the inner Sun & Moon.

– Rest on your true nature – Nurture Yourself –
Learn how to find inner stillness with full surrender into a guided deep relaxation – Bhakti Yoganidrá with devotional chants from India

Throughout guided inner journeys Isa intertwines deep relaxation with traditional and devotional chants from India: Yoga Bhakti Nidras. By surrendering deeply back to your elemental state you transcend the illusion of tridimensionality and embark in this Astral journey honoring your light while embracing your darkness. With a deep feeling of mission accomplished in the Astral realm you remember you are the one you have been waiting for here on Earth, the one your infinite lineage of ancestors have been waiting for to discontinue all those transgenerational patterns to contribute in the highest and best way for the evolution on human kind.

By invoking the divine through traditional and devotional chants from India, Isa will facilitate the embodiment of the godess and god, unlocking and removing all obstacles for this alchemical union of the polarities for abundance and harmonizing both micro and macrocosmos, for the ultimate realization of your inner guru, from darkness to light, from caos to cosmic.

Value: 30€/person

Info & Booking:

912 741 061 – Isa Guitana
910 873 542 – Abhyasa Yoga Lisbon – www.abhyasayogalisbon.com

Start: Tue, 23-Jan-2024, 7:15  –  End: 9:00
Email: lisbon.abhyasa@gmail.com – Web: www.abhyasayogalisbon.com – T: 91 087 35 42

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