Europe: Arjun Baba and Jason Kalidas European Kírtan Concert Tour

| 03-26, 2010

Europe: Arjun Baba and Jason Kalidas European Kírtan Concert TourUK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium | 26 Mar to 13 Apr, 2010

Arjun Baba and Jason Kalidas will be making a Kírtan Concert Tour in Europe. They will visit the UK (London, Brighton, Bristol and Lewes), Germany (Hamburg, Berlin and Munich), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Belgium (Antwerp), Austria (Innsbruck) and Switzerland (Zurich).

The Kírtan Concert includes ecstatic Chants, very Devotional Bhajans and Indian Classical Music on Bansuri (flute). To hear some of Arjun and Jason’s music which will be played at these events please visit

Upcoming Concert Dates – 2010

26 Mar (Fri) – London – Jiva Mukti Yoga – 19:45
27 Mar (Sat) – Bristol – Bristol City Yoga – 19:00
28 Mar (Sun) – Lewes – ZU Studios – 19:30
30 Mar (Wed) – Hamburg – Sutra -19:30
2 Apr (Fri) – Berlin – Jiva Mukti Yoga Berlin – 20:00
3 Apr (Sat) – Munich – Yam Yoga – 19:30
4 Apr (Sun)  – Innsbruck – Antaratma Yoga Shala Innsbruck – 19:00
7 Apr (Wed) – Zurich – Im Sonnenbühl – (19:00 Indian Dinner, 20:00 Concert)
9 Apr (Fri) – Amsterdam – SvahaYoga – 20:00
11 Apr (Sun) – Antwerp – Antwerp Yoga – 20:00
13 Apr (Tue) – London – The Special Yoga Center – 20:15

About Arjun Baba

Arjun BabaArjun Baba has been studying and chanting bhajan and kírtan since 1996, when he attended multi-weekly kírtan in New York, mostly with Krishna Das and Bhagavan Das.

In 1998 Arjun went to India for the first time, where he really began his understanding of kírtan through much searching for the powerful kírtan experience. He returned to India every 2-3 years for close to half a year each visit.

In the West, Satsanga with Amma, Narayan Maharaj and their devotees, Iskon and Neem Karoli devotees have all inspired Arjun’s experience.

In 1999 Arjun produced his first kírtan CD, Bhajan Anandi Vol 1, which was, to his surprise, very well received. Since then he has recorded Bhajan Anandi Vol 2&3, Bhajan Anandi Vol 5 and Vol 6, and he continues to hold public Kírtan around the UK and World, as well as performing with Arjun & Guardians, and Fanna Fi Allah Qawwali Party.

About Jason Kalidas

Jason KalidasJason Kalidas has played percussion for 20 years but the Tabla won his heart in 1995. Already feeling blessed to play this amazing instrument he was blown away on meeting his Bansuri (Flute) Guru, Ashok Kumar in Varanasi in 2003. Jason then realized he had to seriously learn the Flute as well as Tabla. Varanasi, in North India, has always been his base for learning Indian music, traveling back and forth there since 1991. More recently Jason has been developing the art of leading kírtan while playing Tabla and he feels blessed with working with some wonderful musicians including Ashok Kumar Metha, Baluji Shrivastav, Chloe Goodchild, Rollin Rachelle, Narayani and more. He also tours with some of the worlds top Kírtan-Chant artists including Bhagavan Das, Dave Stringer and Arjun Baba.

Within Nada Yoga and Sacred sound work Jason Kalidas runs Yoga-Sound and Voice/Kírtan workshops and he also hosts Yoga/healing sound Retreats in collaboration with Yoga teachers throughout Europe and the U.S combining therapeutic music, restorative Yoga, voice work and kírtan.

Composing and performing music for Contemporary Dance is also a real passion for Jason. And he also performs a solo concert that includes Tabla, Bansuri and Kírtan singing with Tabla. He plays other instruments as well: Cojan, Daff, Didge (in therapeutic sound), Jew harps, and overtones singing.

Jason feels he really owes the blessing of music to his SatGuru and eternal guide Ammachi (Amma – Amritanandamayi Ma), to Ashok Kumar (Bansuri Guru) and his other great music teachers.

Latest CD: Bhajan Anandi Kirtan, Vol. 6 by Arjun Baba & Jonh Kalida’s

Dates: 26 Mar to 13 Apr, 2010

More Information:
Email: jasonkalidas@googlemail.comWeb:

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