Portugal: The Heart of Freedom’ 10-day Intensive Retreat with UNMANI – October 2024

| 04-01, 2024

Near Vila Nova de Milfontes – Alentejo | 13-23 October, 2024

   The Heart of Freedom’ 10-day Intensive Retreat with UNMANI – October 2024 near Vila Nova de Milfontes – Alentejo.

If you feel a genuine pull to dive into the truth, join Unmani in Portugal.

This Intensive Retreat is the gift to yourself that can answer your deepest longing.

Early bird price available until 1st of April 2024

For Whom?

Unmani offers this 10 days intensive retreat for seekers who are now ready for the simple truth, rather than desiring more beautiful spiritual experiences. It is for those who want to come to the end of seeking and who have the courage to acknowledge the truth that you are, and can never lose.

What is the Heart of Freedom?

In exploring Non-Duality we discover the Freedom beyond our human experience. We wake up to the knowing that we are always aware of it all. We rise out of the mud and mess of our lives, and take a bird’s eye view of our humanity. But this is only half of the picture. We then need to dive back into the mud and dirt, into the pain and rawness of the ordinary experience of being a human with our feet on the ground in the world, and discover how this Freedom is actually lived. This is what living as the Heart is all about.

True Freedom is not limited to an concept of freedom, or the freedom from any kind of imprisonment. Freedom is also not only a free feeling. The Heart is also not only about having a loving feeling in our chests, or behaving in a loving way. In fact Freedom and the Heart are one and the same. When we question who we really are, in the deepest sense, beyond all the beliefs and assumptions of what we think, we discover the Silence beyond all experience of silence. We discover the Freedom beyond all experience of freedom. We discover Boundlessness beyond all experience of boundaries. This is our true Heart.

In this retreat we will explore how this Heart of Freedom is actually lived in our daily experience. We will investigate what we really know to be true when we no longer blindly believe our thoughts. We will discover that in not-knowing in thought, there is the wide open Freedom of who we really are. We start to resonate more and more with the frequency of this inner knowing in not knowing, and it starts to integrate more and more into our lives. Together we explore the beliefs and identities that have seemed to have imprisoned us, with the power to control our behaviour and responses in our interactions with others. In knowing that you are not what you think, then when thoughts arise, you can see them in greater clarity and lightness. This brings so much freedom and ease in our lives. Then there is so much more space to tune into the Compassion and Unconditional Love that is always here, and this enables our lives to be lived more courageously with an open Heart.

Dates & Details

Check in: Sunday 13th October, from 3pm (please do not arrive before then) to 7pm (please do not arrive after 7pm)
Check out: Tuesday 23rd October, 11am

For details and bookings, please visit:

Start: Sun, 13-Oct-2024  –  End: Wed, 23-Oct-2024
Email: admin@die-to-love.com – Web: www.die-to-love.com

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