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Figueira – Budens | 12-19 November, 2023


12th – 19th November 2023

Awakening is an endless strip-tease. We are continually invited to see where we are still believing in some kind of conclusion, or assumption about who we are and about Life itself. This endless stripping away of whatever we are holding onto, leaves us naked and vulnerable. This can be a scary and uncomfortable process, and leaves us with no firm ground under our feet. But at the same time it answers a call from who we really are, to wake up out of the dreams of the mind, and to come alive as Life itself.

In this retreat with Unmani, we will meet in a group of people who are all longing to wake up and to live freely as the truth of who we are. We will meet in the Silence beyond all the words, while at the same time exploring any beliefs, or misconceptions that arise. Unmani holds each individual, and the whole group, in loving Presence, which provides a safe space to go deeper.

“Awakening is about waking up out of the cosy and familiar dream that you have been used to, and falling into the unknown present. It is the end of all your hopes and dreams, and about really stopping and facing your fears. It is not to be seen lightly as a hobby or pastime, or a way to treat your daily suffering. It is a matter of life or death. Recognizing who you really are, will destroy you and your whole life as you know it. And at the same time you will feel more alive than ever!” ~ Unmani

If you feel a genuine pull to dive into the truth, join Unmani at this beautiful place in Portugal.
This Intensive Retreat is the gift to yourself that can answer your deepest longing.

For Whom?

Unmani offers this 8 day intensive retreat for seekers who are now ready for the simple truth, rather than desiring more beautiful spiritual experiences. It is for those who want to come to the end of seeking and who have the courage to acknowledge the truth that you are, and can never lose.

These 8 days together in a small group offer a rich opportunity to:

  • question, share and discover how this life can be lived in truth and openness, without any false promises or dreamy experiences
  • get to the root of all your hopes and fears
  • wake up out of the dream of separation
  • deeply acknowledge that you are not limited to what you think

It is about waking up out of the dream of thought, and living the Openness and Freedom that you really are. It is about exploring the truth, and what seems to restrict you, in the midst of your daily life.

Unmani’s message is not only in her words but also in the energy field. She speaks from that ‘beingness’ that awakens to itself when it is heard. While the words are used to undo confusion and misunderstandings, it is also about resonating with what is happening, beyond all the words.


‘More than any other retreat, Unmani’s intensives leave you nowhere to go but to come face to face with the truth of who you are. Her openness, honesty and generosity of spirit has touched me profoundly, and has changed the way I live and perceive my life to be. The power of this approach is phenomenal! Thank you Unmani!!’ S. B

‘I have attended several of Unmani’s intensives and can honestly say that each one has been phenomenal in ways that are hard to put into words; every time I come back feeling more alive. Also they are also a lot of fun; there is a lot of laughter. Unmani’s approach is very honest and she holds and nurtures the group over the course of the retreat in a way that is very special. I really can’t recommend the 10 day intensive’s enough. It is no exaggeration to say that they have changed my life.’ A. T

‘Your eyes are a mirror to my soul. I’ve no way to express my gratitude.’ D. W

‘Unmani reveals the mystery of life. She is revolutionary, and speaks with a freshness that touches deeply. It felt like a valuable opportunity to find myself here.’ R. W

Start: Sun, 12-Nov-2023  –  End: Sun, 19-Nov-2023
Email: admin@die-to-love.com – Web: die-to-love.com

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