UK: Life Processes – the Principles of Life with Frank Albrecht

| 04-06, 2010

UK: Life Processes - the Principles of Life with Frank AlbrechtReigate – Surrey | 10/11 April, 2010 – Free talk on April, 9

Frank Albrecht will be at Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre to give a weekend workshop entitled “Life Processes – the Principles of Life”. This weekend course will give you the knowledge how to approach and support a therapy for any kind of health problem. The material you learn will help you to gain responsibility towards your health and the speed of your ageing process. How the physical, energetic and spiritual levels of our existence are interrelated… The course fee includes free talk on Friday evening 9th April introducing the topic of the “Processes of Life”.

Once upon a time there was a society that forgot the meaning of divine unity through body, mind and soul. They forgot the universal laws about life, the true meaning of health, and they forgot that disease as such does not exist. They started to believe in sicknesses, in “conditions”, and started to accept that they have an illness and that they need to go to specialists. They had forgotten that god created life simple and that all life on earth followed the same universal laws. They gave all their responsibility away, ate toxic food and forgot the sacredness of life which is reflected in the way we deal with our land and our bodies. They also did forgot how to create a living space that can heal them, so they lived in houses that made things even worse. We do not have to be that way !!!! … understand the divine laws and principles of life so you can heal yourself in any given situation.

In our time of transformation, old structures, patterns and believe systems are destroyed to make space for the light of divine consciousness to manifest in all areas of life. Traditional and conservative understanding of Health and Disease also falls apart and needs to be replaced like all other rigid forms in life and society. The divine consciousness can lead us to a comprehension that gives light to total healing, rejuvenation and possibilities of longevity that have not been known in past decades. Let this course be an inspiration to deepen your insight that you can heal yourself from any disease and even go further to reverse the decay of the body. Ancient wisdom combined with contemporary holistic research will give you a completely new picture on health and the choices you can make to successfully deal with your environment, nutrition as well as increasing your life energy.

Life Processes I – Contents

  1. Understanding the biochemistry of the body (over acidity, dehydration, oxidation) – transformation of living substances into dead substances – the ageing process.
  2. Our mineral deposits, the foundation for health and long life – different health problems relating to different deficient minerals.
  3. Illness as a process of 3 steps: causes, states of emergencies and symptoms (examples).
  4. Water as a source of life – how to rehydrate the body – how to energise water.
  5. Oxidation and free radical damage – the most powerful antioxidants.
  6. Life energy and the vibrational nature of physical reality. (Basic quantum physics and ancient eastern teachings about Qi or Prana).
  7. Importance of vegetarian whole food – from a biochemical, energetic and spiritual point of view – raw food and cooked food.
  8. The chakras as body – soul connections and their importance in healing on the soul level.
  9. Different forms of fasting. Different ways of intestinal cleansing, super foods, vitamins, enzymes and other practical advice how we can improve our health and lifestyle.
  10. Causes of disease and how we can test metabolic or vibrational disorders in the body long before the symptom of a disease appears.
  11. Electromagnetic Fields and Geopathic Stress – how they destroy the “order” in the etheric body (first subtle body, regulating “prana” or “Qi”) and how this can lead to disease – how can we protect ourselves and create a healing space at home.
  12. Causes of degenerative diseases like cancer and arterious sclerosis – how can they be reversed – how to approach a natural therapy.
  13. The soul and karmic aspect of disease.
  14. Possibilities of self diagnosis – perspectives how to create a perfectly balanced lifestyle and environment – discussion of individual cases.
  15. How to reverse the ageing process.

About Frank Albrecht

Frank AlbrechtFrank Albrecht was born in Munich and lives in Ireland since 2000. He works as Holistic Health Researcher and undertakes biophysical research to discover the underlying principles of human health and disease. In contrary to conventional medicine, his focus is not the study of diseases but the detailed comprehension of health and the conditions that lead towards health. He believes that incurable diseases do not exist. It is our misunderstanding about the biochemical and biophysical aspects of the human system that prevent the cure of serious illnesses. He had a profound experience at the age of 28, when he met two German alternative scientists that were able to explain the ageing process and the cause for degenerative diseases in detail to him. During these last 12 years since he started to study their material and applied this knowledge in his own life, he could not perceive visible signs of ageing or decay on his body. Spiritual practice and purification strongly increased his perception of the life giving energy in natural food and also refined his awareness of both destructive and healing energies that can be prevalent in houses. He considers that personal experience is the only source of true knowledge and the best verification about any theoretical teachings. Frank also works as a Feng Shui consultant, Dowser, Bio-Resonance practitioner and Nutritional consultant. His websites are:, and (to be launched later this year).

Individual consultations: After finishing the course there will be opportunities for participants to arrange individual consultations – on the same evening or on the next day.

Data: Free Talk – April, 9  |   Workshop – 10/11 April, 2010
Hours: Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 10:00am – Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 5:00pm
Location: Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre, 46 Albert Road North, RH2 9EL – Reigate – Surrey

  • £110 per person – includes free talk on Friday evening 9th April , introducing the topic of the Processes of Life.
  • 9 April – 7-9pm at Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre – all welcome, drop in fee £5.

More information:
Email: 01737 222 400 – Web: (to be launched later this year)

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