Oporto: Mantra Concert and Sat Sanga with the Mangalam in the Espaço Divinos

| 12-18, 2008

    Already on December 19, 2008, Mangalam will be in Oporto, in the Espaço Divinos, for one more Sat Sanga and Kirtan.

Celebrating the solstice of Winter (or Christmas), this event provides vegetarian dinner followed by a concert by Mangalam.

Mangalam, which means happiness in sanskrit, is the name of the Portuguese group that is devoted to the practice of kirtan. Kirtan are the songs of Yoga, mantra forms usually done in a more relaxed way and consisting of the repetition of the different names of the facets of the absolute, Brahman.

Mangalam try to preserve and to disseminate the Yoga tradition through their kirtans. Their music combines the tradition of the kirtans with more contemporary sonorities. In their concerts spectators don’t exist as such… all are actors of the moments of sharing and of relationship with the Universe that involves us.

All are invited to take good disposition and to practice kirtan.

Event: Dinner and Mantra Concert with the Mangalam in the Espaço Divinos

Date: December 19, 2008

Hours: 20:30 h (Dinner) – 22:00 h (Concert)

Language: Portuguese

Contacts: Tf: 226 154 338 Tm: 917 816 906 Email: mail@espacodivinos.com


Cost: Dinner and Concert: 17 € – Only concert 7 €

More information: www.dharmabindu.com

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