New Course Just Released: The Bhagavad-Gītā 150-Hour Distance-Learning Course by Georg Feuerstein Ph.D.

| 03-09, 2009

Georg Feuerstein, one of the world’s foremost scholars of yoga, author of a vast oeuvre on Yoga and Hinduism which includes the prominent book “The Yoga Tradition”, has just created a 150-Hour Distance-Learning Course on The Bhagavad-Gītā.

Brenda Feuerstein, director of the Traditional Yoga Studies, the Online Center for Traditional Yoga Studies that is run by her and Dr. Georg Feuerstein, presents the course as follows:

Most Yoga students will sooner or later encounter the Gītā, from which Mahatma Gandhi derived “fresh joy and new meanings” every day. Along with the Yoga-Sūtra, it is one of the key scriptures of Yoga, and every Yogin or Yoginī can benefit greatly from studying it. The Gītā is especially relevant in our own confusing era.

There are countless English translations available. Most of these, however, are little more than well-meaning but highly personal paraphrases based on other renderings or paraphrases. Often these efforts fail to convey the actual teachings of the Gītā.

We felt that the Gītā deserves the best possible treatment and for this reason have carefully designed the present course. We are confident that it will not only answer all your questions about this work but also broaden your understanding of Yoga in general and, most importantly, deepen your self-understanding.

Dr. Feuerstein has re-translated the entire Gīta, and his “high fidelity” approach makes it possible for you to “read along” and achieve a clear sense of the original. This will then allow you to determine the accuracy of any translation, but mainly it will give you a solid grasp of Krishna’s teaching.

This course consists of

(1) a 266-page book containing Georg Feuerstein’s English translation of the Gītā together with introductory materials and abundant notes, as well as a select bibliography and

(2) a 280-page Study Guide, which discusses in 23 lessons all the significant concepts and ideas found in the Gītā together with the appropriate cultural and philosophical context.

Both these publications are printed on recycled paper and are spiral-bound for easy handling. In order to give you the best possible study experience, we have included in the translation the Sanskrit text in the devanāgarī script and in academic (i.e., precise) transliteration. These have been placed on left pages for your convenience. In this way you can study the translation while keeping an eye on the Sanskrit text at the same time.

In designing the present course, we have followed the well-tried format of our other successful distance-learning courses, and Dr. Feuerstein has spared no effort to come up with german self-test questions and also stimulating For Reflection questions that permit you to prod and probe your own mind.

This is a tutored course with a Certificate of Completion at the end.

Only two questionnaires and one essay have to be submitted for feedback. We are also offering a practical alternative to essay writing, if preferred.

We are certain that this unique course, which only someone with Dr. Feuerstein’s scholarly and practical experience of Yoga could have created, will delight and benefit all sincere students.

The price for the course is 350.00 US (shipping included within Canada and the US). If you are thinking about forming a study group, please contact me and I will work with you to come up with a group rate.

Brenda Feuerstein, TYS Director

Course: The Bhagavad-Gītā 150-Hour Distance-Learning Course

Price: 350.00 US (shipping included within Canada and the US). If you are thinking about forming a study group, please contact Brenda Feuerstein, for a group rate.


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