Lisbon: Tantra Course- The Art of the Sacred Love

| 01-09, 2009

    Starting in the end of January of 2009, Natha – Academia de Yoga gives a course on Tantra, introducing Erotic Tantra as spiritual path. The course is an introduction to tantra for beginners, open to singles and couples.

According to the tantrik teachings, the sexuality and the pleasures that compose it, dinamize an energy that, when used and controlled correctly, considerably accelerates the spiritual growth. In tantra it is very important to focus in the love rather than in sex. Here, sex is a conducting “energy” but, without love, it cannot elevate anybody to a superior level. But, when combined and used in the correct way, it becomes one in the fastest ways for transformation of the individual and of the couple.

The Tantra Course is divided in two parts. This one constitutes an intensive tantra course (The spiritual relationship – 1) and it is a fast way of diving into the world of the tantra and of Yoga and to begin your personal practice immediately.

The course is destined to single and married. Previous knowledge or experience are not required, only some courage and open mind. There is not any nakedness nor any type of pressure for the participant to take part in any exercise that violates his/hers personal limits. The erotic exercises are considered home work.

The course presents essential knowledge and techniques for tantra practice that will enrich the relationship, not only on the erotic level but at the deepest levels of the being. Deepening of the love, of the proximity and of the harmony in the couple is one of the main objectives of this teaching. Man and Woman completed themselves as two magnetic poles, and can establish a magnificent force to each other that enriches the relationship along many years.

The Spiritual Relationship 2 continues directly from the elementary course, deepening the knowledge of the dynamics and operation of a tantrik relationship relatively to the development, to the subtle effects of doing love in different postures, and to other deep techniques.

This second course presents, generally, techniques for couples, while the first course focus mainly on individual techniques – that can be practiced by couples, but that can be trained alone.

To attend the second course it is necessary to have accomplished the first.

Event: Lisbon: Tantra Course – The Art of the Sacred Love

Date: 30, January 31 and February 1, 2009

Hours: Friday 30: 19:00 – 22:00 – Saturday 31: 10:00 – 19:00 – Sunday 1: 10:00 – 17:00

Place: Natha – Academia de Yoga de Portugal, Av. Poet Mistral 15 r/c esq, 1050-181 Lisbon

Language: English – Contact the organization to request translation. A support notebook will be supplied in English or Portuguese. In order to assure that the correct version is received participants must inform the organization well in advance.

Contacts: Tm: 91 632 83 73 – Email:


If paid up to 7 days before the beginning of the course:

€ 95 for singles (students and unemployed: € 80)

€ 180 for couples (student couples and unemployed: € 150)

If paid up to 7 days before the beginning of the course:

€ 104,5 for singles (students and unemployed: € 88)

€ 198 for couples (student couples and unemployed: € 165)

The registrations (that can be done by telephone or email) should be validated by the payment.

For more information:


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