Paredes de Coura – Portugal: Kírtan, Physical Practice and Sat Sanga

| 01-08, 2009

    Retreat with the Mangalam, January 24 and 25 – Quinta das Águias, in Paredes de Coura – Portugal. 

This retreat has the purpose of providing an immersion in the world of Mantra and of Kírtan especially. The Mangalam intend to gather those that appreciate this practice, or that want to learn to appreciate it, in order to create a special atmosphere, to be in sat sanga, in good company, and together learning more on the world of Yoga, to practice and, of course, to do a lot of kírtan !

The practices of Sat Sangas and Kírtans will be all led by Mangalam. In the practices nada Yoga will be explored, the association of the sound to the practice, not only in the ásana, but also in the relaxation and meditation. Get ready the participants for the tablas and sitar in the to fall asleep and in the waking up of the day !

Practisers of any traditions are welcome !

Previous experience in Yoga is not required. 


Practice program: 

• Traditional Hatha Yoga

• Sun salutation and the its mantras.

• Kírtan, songs to develop the heart and to enchant the mind 


Study and Reflection: 

• Mantra, Kírtan and Shanti Pathas

• Nirvana Shatkam, the six verses of Sri Shankaráchárya’s illumination – singing, meaning and teaching


Sat Sangas and Kírtans: 

Sat sangas are meetings where traditionally kírtans (songs of Yoga) are intoned and where there is talk about the teaching of Yoga, on the human being’s true nature, that is to be complete (púrna), free from limitations and on the different practices that make possible that recognition. Kírtan are the songs of Yoga, forms of mantras done, usually, in way more relaxed way and that consist on the repetition of the different names of facets of the absolute, of Brahman.

A notebook of the course will be given. 

Place: Quinta das Águias (Eagles’ Farm), Paredes de Coura. 

After the registration each participant will receive an e-mail with the necessary indications (to the km) to arrive peacefully to the Quinta, without problems or mistakes.

The place is located in a rural zone in Paredes de Coura and occupies an area of 6 hectares of garden and forest, that the participants will be able to enjoy for walks or personal practices.

Program (subject to small fittings): 

January 24 – Saturday 

15:00 – Arrival at Quinta das Águias

15.00 – Welcome to the participants and presentation of the retreat

16.00 – Sat Sanga and kírtan

17:30 – Initial practice: shat karma, ásana, yoganidrá, pránáyáma and meditation 

19.30 – Dinner

21:00 – Sat Sanga and kírtan

January 25 – Sunday

07:30 – Practice: shat karma, ásana, yoganidrá, pránáyáma, and meditation

10:00 – Short-lunch

11:00 – Nirvana Shatkam, singing, meaning and teaching

13:30 – Lunch, rest, social contact and walk.

15:30 –  Final Sanga sanga (questions and explanations) and closing Kírtan 

17:30 – End


Lodging and feeding: 

The first 16 enrolled participants will be housed in Quinta das Águias. For the remaining ones suitable alternative places wil be indicated. There is a Hotel 5 min distant by car, available to receive the participants. 

Meals: The meals will be served on Quinta das Águias.

Important information:

On the permanence at Quinta das Águias:

• Accommodation in rustic stone house with capacity to house 16 people common rooms 2, 4 and 6 people. 

Please observe the following rules during your permanence at Quinta das Águias: 

• All the meals served at the Quinta das Águias will be strictly vegetarian. Please don’t bring food containing meat or fish.

• smoking is not allowed inside the Quinta.

Cost and payment:

a) including lodging on Quinta das Águias and meals: 110 €. 

b) excluding lodging on Quinta das Águias, but with meals: 100 €.    

These values will suffer a worsening of 20 € after January 20. 

The payment of the Retreat can be parceled out in the following way: 60 € with the regfistration and the remaining until 7 days before the course. 

Other information:

For organization reasons: 

• The registrations is oly confirmed with the payment. 

• There won’t any exceptions to the payment dates.

• Reservations are not allowed.

• There will be no reimbursements of paid ammounts. 

The organizers thank the understanding of the participants. 

More information: or 91 758 60 07 

Organization: Miguel Homem, 


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