Brazil: Yoga Training – May and July 2009

| 12-09, 2008

   Pedro Kupfer and guests supply a Yoga course, in the beautiful beach of Mariscal – Brazil, that consists of two modules of 28 days each, corresponding to more than 600 hours per module. This course is approved and endorsed by Aliança do Yoga (Brazil).   This course was conceived for apprentices that want to enlarge their understanding and practice of Yoga, as well as for those that, having awakened inside the love and enthusiasm for the practice, want to transmit those feelings and experiences to others.   Philosophy, metaphysics, history, ethics, mantra, ásana, pránáyáma, concentration and meditation are some of the theoretical and practical subjects approached from the Vedanta and the traditional Yoga point of view, according to the teachings of the Vedic tradition, as taught by Swami Dayananda. The practical part of ásana, pránáyáma, satkarma, mantra and meditation will approach these techinques in light of Tradicional Hatha Yoga, according to scriptures like Hatha Yoga Pradípiká, Gheranda Samhitá e Shiva Samhitá. The satisfactory conclusion of both modules of the course leads to the emission of a Certificate of the Free Training, endorsed by Aliança do Yoga (Brazil) and emitted by Espaço Yogabindu. Event: Brazil: Yoga Training – May and July of 2009 Date: Module I – May, 8 to June 4          Module II – July 3 to July 31   Hours: check the program   Place: Beach of Mariscal, Av Aroeira da Praia – 1798 Pombinhas, Santa Catarina, Brazil   Language: Portuguese   Contacts:   Price: contact the organization   Organization: Ângela Sundari Nardi (Contact Person)   More information:

Program: Only available in Portuguese

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