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| 07-01, 2021

Arganil | 07-17 August, 2021

   10 Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat – Awakened Life Project in Arganil.

Due to the Corona Virus situation we are living in uncertain times now. We are planning to go forward with all of our events until we find out that it is not possible. If you would like to reserve your space please inscribe and pay your deposit. If the event does not happen we will be happy to return your deposit. We will cancel at least 7-10 days before the event so you know ahead of time. Let’s hope for the best and see what happens!

Discounted price available for those who have their own tents to offer – see below in pricing section.

What do we mean by Awakening? In short, we mean waking up from the dream/nightmare of your separate, limited existence to the utterly liberating Mystery of who you really are, of who we all really are, as One Consciousness.

Most people are not awake to something beyond the limitations of their own mind, emotions or living conditions. The world we live in does not celebrate awakening to a higher spiritual force that transcends all limitation that arises from conditioned beliefs. Most people are frustrated, unhappy, seeking for love, happiness, connection, for something more than what we are presently experiencing. We crave to give and to love only to find our actions are more focused on getting and feeling a sense of unlove or lack.

So what is missing that keeps you from finding the Love and Happiness that you crave? The answer is simple, it is a spiritual context that takes you beyond the limitations of your own mind. To a context that transcends conditioned behavior and shows you that you are not separate, alone and limited. In fact quite the opposite, you are that which is prior to the mind and emotions, you are that which is aware of the human experience you are having and you are that which is already Free, Happy and fulfilled.

This retreat is about discovering this Truth and learning how to live in and as this Truth.

The 10 Day Evolutionary Awakening retreat led by Cynthia Lea Rose (formally Cynthia Bampton) is an exploration into the depth of your own Being, to the Self you know yourself to be but have a hard time locating in the midst of the crazy and chaotic lives that most people live today. It is an opportunity to learn more about egoic patterns that hold you back from being a full expression of yourself. You will learn how to identify them, understand them and ultimately make them obsolete. And most importantly, this retreat will give you the opportunity to experience a new way of living and relating with yourself and others.

This retreat will be a mix of guided and solitary meditation, inquiry, group discussions, devotional exercises, dipping in cold and beautiful waterfalls and engaging with other human beings that are looking for the same thing you are.


The first 5 days of this retreat will be focused on meditation and will be in silence devoted to the discovery of your True Nature as Awakened Consciousness Itself. This is the opportunity for you to slow down and to let go. Cynthia will give a variety of guided meditations that will be simple and direct and will lead you to the source of your Being. Most of the meditations will be in a group but you will also have the opportunity to meditate alone in a beautiful spot in nature if you wish. Everyday there will be a question and answer session with Cynthia.


The second 5 days, you will explore and discover who you are as an evolving individuated expression of Consciousness becoming conscious of Itself through interaction and relationship. As well as still doing regular meditations, Cynthia will introduce themes through presentations in the morning and then in the afternoon we will meet in small groups for discussions and exercises.

The group work will be very spontaneous and dynamic. The goal is to evoke in and through the participants the experience of One Being expressing itself through the many. When this Collective Emergence occurs then a new order of relatedness, a magnification of Consciousness, and an overwhelming ecstatic cascade of Love-Bliss spontaneously reveals Itself. This Collective Emergence is always unimaginable until the moment it explodes into existence.

This retreat can change your life if you come with an open heart and a willingness to make yourself available to something new.

In this Retreat you will:

  • Discover the timeless transcendent dimension of Being through Meditation
  • Engage in deep and subtle exploration and contemplation of the Truth of non-separation
  • Learn how to identify and transcend your ego patterns, self-images and conditioned limitations
  • Engage in dynamic group work to deepen understanding and evoke a “Higher WE” Consciousness
  • Interact in joyful, deep and enlightening discussions
  • Joyfully move in daily spontaneous movement exercises
  • Find happiness and ecstasy in yourself and with others


This is a general guideline to the daily program. Every morning there will be an optional session of Qi Gong.

7:00 Meditation
8:00 Spontaneous Movement
9:00 Breakfast
10:30. Morning Sessions of Meditation or Presentations
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Afternoon Sessions of Meditation or Presentations or Group Discussion
17:00 Tea break
17:30 Meditation or Sharing
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Evening Q & A
21:30. Final Session


We offer a discounted rate for Portuguese to reflect the different economic reality here compared with Northern Europe and America. Price includes everything for the retreat including 3 delicious vegetarian meals. We have 4 rooms available for those who need them. Please email us for information. We have tents for those who don’t have their own. Because we have only have so many of our tents we offer a 50 euro discount for the retreat for those who can bring their own tents to help us out.

Regular Prices

For Portuguese: 725 € per person

For people coming from abroad: 825€ Per person

100€ non-refundable deposit per person to reserve your place. Full payment is due by July 15th.

Financial Help Available (limited offer)

If you would like to come to the retreat but can’t afford the full price please write to us and tell us why you want to come to the retreat and what you would like to pay. There is a right price for each situation so please look at your situation and don’t offer too much but don’t offer too little. We will consider all offers and we have a limited number of gift economy spaces so let your heart sing!


Any questions please contact: info@awakenedlifeproject.org for more information.

Start: Sat, 07-Aug-2021, 19:00  –  End: Tue, 17-Aug-2021, 18:00
Email: info@awakenedlifeproject.org – Web: awakenedlifeproject.org – T: 96 629 38 66

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