Portugal: "INTO THE CORE OF YOURSELF" 10 Day Intensive Retreat With UNMANI

| 07-14, 2019

Silves | 03-13 October, 2019

   "INTO THE CORE OF YOURSELF" 10 Day Intensive Retreat With UNMANI in Silves – Algarve.

This intensive retreat is for those who long to come to the end of seeking, and start really living.

It is for those who are ready for the simple truth, rather than desiring more beautiful spiritual experiences.

It is for those who have the courage to acknowledge the truth that you are beyond all your hopes and dreams.

It is for those who are ready to stop just conceptualizing truth, but long to actually live it in their very human, and often messy, lives. To wake up, not only out of the dream, but also into the dream, and to discover how life can be lived more freely and courageously.

In these 10 days you will:

  • acknowledge your true nature as Life itself
  • discover how this life can be lived in truth and openness, without any false promises or dreamy experiences
  • explore the nature of thought
  • get to the root of all your hopes and fears
  • deeply acknowledge that you are not limited to what you think

About Unmani…

About the Venue:

“Conscious Earth” is a tranquil and quiet place in the Algarve countryside. The venue is a 40 hectare estate, nestled in the hills north of Silves. It contains it’s own private lakes, a river and groves of olive, tangerine, orange and mandarin.
There is ample opportunity to have a quiet rest in the amazing garden, or go walking – from lovely strolls to challenging hikes. More here…

Retreat Centre “Conscious Earth”
North of Silves – Algarve

Start: Thu, 03-Oct-2019, 15:00  –  End: Sun, 13-Oct-2019, 11:00
Email: admin@die-to-love.com – Web: www.die-to-love.com – T: 91 290 02 00

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