Portugal: Yin Yoga Classes – with Rita Amaral – Lisbon

| 02-03, 2018

Lisboa | 09 Feb – 10 Jun, 2018

Yin Yoga Classes – with Rita Amaral in Lisbon.

Yin Yoga Classes with Rita Amaral at Centro Padma Yoga in Lisbon, every Friday at 5 pm starting on the 2nd February.

Yin Yoga was originally introduced by Paulie Zink with the aim to help us sit longer and more comfortably in meditation. The practice was designed to stretch the connective tissue around the joints, mainly knees, pelvis, sacrum and spine. It is based on seated and supine poses that are held for 3 to 5 minutes to work on deeper layers of fascia, where we are supposed to completely relax. Because we stay in the postures for long periods of time it is a practice that can be quite intimate in that we will inevitable have to deal with our feelings, emotions and sensations. This can be uncomfortable at first but with time it is actually a great tool to self-discovery and to develop a strong body-mind connection.

Some of the benefits of Yin Yoga include: calming and balancing the body and mind; regulate the energy in the body; increase mobility in the joints and hips; lowering stress levels; release of fascia throughout the body; better coping with anxiety; improve your Yang practice. Above all, Yin Yoga will teach you to listen to your body and to be in the present moment.

About Rita Amaral

Rita began her Yoga journey in 2011 when she fell in love for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Since then she has practiced and studied with several different teachers from around the world and she has travelled to India to study under the guidance of Paramaguru Sharath Jois. She has attended several courses and workshops on Ashtanga Vinyasa and yoga for babies and children. More recently she has been studying Yin Yoga as a complement to a Vinyasa practice. Rita currently teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and yoga for children.

Yoga has changed her life in so many different ways that she felt the need to share it and help others along their own journeys. An eternal student, Rita continues her studies in Yoga learning different styles and methods to complement not only her daily practice but also the practice of her students.



Start: Fri, 09-Feb-2018, 17:00  –  End: Sun, 10-Jun-2018, 18:00
Email: rita.amaral.pt@gmail.com – Web: centropadmayoga.weebly.com… – T: 21 467 54 78


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