Portugal: Understanding Meditation– A Buddhist Perspective by Sagarapriya

| 04-04, 2011

Monte Estoril – Cascais | April 8, 2011

Sagarapriya, a Buddhist practitioner for over twenty years,  will be giving an evening talk in Monte Estoril – Cascais, Portugal.

These days meditation is branded in myriad ways, from the most outlandish new age concoction to the high brow studies of the best universities. However, clarity in this field is hard to come by and consequently difficulty and confusion are a frequent experience for those who venture in this path. But it does not have to be so, for it is a path well trodden and there are clear instructions.

In this talk, Sagarapriya will share with you a map of the vast and fascinating field of human development that can be accessed through meditation when one knows what one is doing. Whilst the map is not territory that we each have to traverse through our own efforts, it is no doubt beneficial to have one and to understand it appropriately.

About Sagarapriya

Sagara has, for over twenty years, studied and practised with various Buddhist teachers both in the West and in the East. He was ordained and lived with the Western Buddhist Order in England for 10 years. Thanks to Sagara’s excellent knowledge of English and Portuguese he has on several occasions been invited to be the personal interpreter of spiritual masters like for ex. H.H. Dalai Lama, and Rinpoches from Nepal, when they come to visit Portugal. He now lives in Lisbon with his wife and daughter, and gives courses and retreats on Buddhism, as well as on teaching Focusing and Non-violent Communication.

For more information on Sagara’s activities, please visit: www.sagarapriya.net, www.budadharma.org

You are most welcome to this evening – please let the organizer know if you go and how many friends you are taking!

Date: April 8, 2011
Hours: 19h30 – The doors will open at 7:15 pm PLEASE TRY TO COME AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!
Locale: Monte Estoril – Cascais
Value: Free – Donations Very Appreciated (to the SIS-project – The Satchidananda Integrated School and Orphanage in Nepal)

More information:
Email: ulla.rapazote@gmail.com

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