Portugal: “Yoga Therapy – Mindfulness – Neuroscience” For Complementary Treatment of Mental Health With Heather Mason

| 03-30, 2011

Lisbon | 16-17 April, 2011

Carly Taylor, founder of Ginger Pai Yoga, in collaboration with Champa.Shala © International Yoga Studio, presents, for the first time in Portugal, Heather Mason, creator of the project “Yoga for the Mind” in a very special workshop: “Yoga Therapy – Mindfulness – Neuroscience” as a complementary treatment in mental illness. This two-day workshop, as the assistance of Carly Taylor.

The program is Open to All. No Yoga experience necessary.


Day One: Emotional Healing Through Yoga and Mindfulness

Learn how basic neuroscience clarifies the mind-body connection, allowing us to develop a Yoga and Mindfulness practice that is spiritually profound and scientifically sound. Through practice of specific yogic breathing techniques, movement and mindfulness practices from the Buddhist Tradition you will understand how to better regulate your nervous system and cope with the stress of daily life.

Day Two: Mind-Body Skills for Professionals

Geared towards healthcare professionals and Yoga Teachers/Therapists, this unique skills training will teach you basic breath practices, Yoga Postures and mindfulness practices that can be used specifically to target mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Current research indicates that body based approaches are vital in the treatment of mental issues. The belief that talking therapy is enough to meet the physiological changes that accompany depression and anxiety is slowing losing credibility. When we are emotionally unwell both our body and mind are influenced. It is therefore essential that we incorporate mind body practices into our clinical work. Additionally as Yoga Teachers, if we wish to work with mental challenged populations we must learn specific techniques that take into account the affect that depression and anxiety have on the mind and body and the most efficient way to work with these difficulties.

During this training you will learn about:

  • The neurobiology of depression and anxiety
  • The influence that Yoga and Mindfulness have on the brain, body and mind
  • Simple breathing exercises to improve mental health that are based on neuroscientific principles
  • Yoga postures that relax the system, calm the mind and invigorate the brain
  • How to be therapeutically appropriate in Yoga Classes

  • Join this special two-workshop with the renowned Heather Mason, the founder of Yoga for the Mind.
  • If you are a professional we recommend you attend both days.

About Yoga for the Mind

Yoga for the Mind (YFTM) is a completely unique approach to healing mental health issues that integrates the inherent resources and capacities of the mind and body As a mind-body therapy YFTM uses Yoga Postures, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques to regulate and gain awareness of all parts of ourselves. When we suffer from emotional stress our psychology and biology are influenced, essentially our whole being is affected from the inside out. Yoga for the Mind therefore teaches us to harness the combined the power of the body and mind in a process of mutual cure. By uniting yoga therapy for mental health, mindfulness, and psychotherapy with the latest research in neuroscience and the psychobiology of stress, Yoga for the Mind provides a cutting edge strategy for selfhealing that is both potent and effective. Our philosophy is that true healing must work with all aspects of a person. We believe that by combining practices that regulate the nervous system with self awareness practices individuals are able to ease the process of recovery. All parts of the person are honored, appreciated and supported.

About Heather Mason

Heather Mason offers Yoga Therapy for the mind and the body based on her extensive training in psychotherapy, yoga therapy, and mindfulness-based practice. Having suffered from both depression and anxiety Heather offers an approach that is both experientially and scientifically based. She integrates the benefits of Yoga Postures, breath practices, mindfulness techniques, and psychotherapeutic principles to help people alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. Through this combined approach Heather is able to work with both the mind and body meeting both the psychological and physiological aspects of mental-health through a process of mutual cure. Heather holds an MA in Buddhist Studies from SOAS University London, and completed an MA in Clinical Buddhist-Based Psychotherapy, she is now enrolled in an MSc in Neuroscience at Roehampton University with hopes of conducting research on how Yoga therapy and mindfulness can positively influence the brain. This educational journey is an accompaniment to a three year meditative and yogic exploration in South East Asia where she resided in Buddhist monasteries and learned how to transcend her own emotional suffering. Heather has been teaching Yoga since 2001 after completing a teacher training with Guruji Sunil Kumar in Varanasi and later qualified as Yoga Therapist. Heather also trained as a Lifeforce practitioner with Amy Weintraub in the United States. Lifeforce Yoga specializes in for Yoga for Depression. Recently, she also became a teacher of Mindfulness-Based-Cognitve Therapy after completing a TDR with Bangor University.

Additionally, Heather is the only person in the UK to have trained extensively with the Boston Trauma Center Massachusetts on how to use yoga as a complementary treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex PTSD. Further, Heather is in the process of certification in Trauma Incident Recovery. Heather’s special approach combines insight from her own practice, the support and holding of a trained psychotherapist and Yoga Therapist, with the academic acumen of neuroscience student. She develops mind-body techniques based on this overlapping of skills to provide gentle, compassionate, and scientifically sound teaching.

Limited seats: Booking essential

Language: English

Date: April 16th and 17th, 2011
Hours: 10h30 to 17h30
Venue: tbc, Lisbon
Values: € 60 per day or € 115 both days

More information:
Email: events@gingerpai.com – champashala@yoga-spirit.pt Web: www.yogaforthemind.info – www.gingerpaiyoga.com – www.yogachampashala.wordpress.com

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