Portugal: International Training Course On Yoga Techniques At School by EURYE

| 01-03, 2011

Praia de Ofir – Fão – Esposende | July 23 – 29, 2011

EURYE, The European Union of Research on Yoga in Education, is holding the next International Training Course On Yoga Techniques at School  – Educating with Confidence, Joy of learning, Joy of Living –  in the littoral North of Portugal. The course will take place in Axis Ofir Beach Resort Hotel, situated by the sea at the North of Porto, in Ofir beach near Esposende.
Learn more about EURYE below.

Educate with confidence

“Well anchored in the Iberian Peninsula, yet widely open to the winds of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has always, since its foundation in the 12th century, turned its gaze towards wider horizons. Prince Henry the Navigator is famous for having encouraged his daring people to explore the seas of the globe. There are such Portuguese in almost all parts of the world. Thus inspired, during the Renaissance era, the great adventurer Vasco da Gama was the first, through unchartered waters, to discover the Routes to India. You too, on the occasion of this International Seminar, are invited to enlarge your own limits. Let’s share our desire to learn together the great laws and techniques of yoga and transmit them to the new generation.

The EURYE organizers expect numerous participants to live for a week in OFIR a lovely seaside resort about 20 miles North of Porto. The RYE Portugal is awaiting you with a very warm welcome.”

Micheline Flak

Lecturers and Lectures

Sunday 24
9h00-10:15 Micheline Flak, President – Founder of RYE – France – Lecture: Yoga Nidrá at School.
10h30-12h00 Laurence Scheibling, RYE trainer, specialized in special needs. “RYE Techniques For Children With Special Needs”.

Monday 25
8h45-10h15 Jack Benoît, RYE trainer, specialized in the Communication Relationnelle (ESPERE Method). “To communicate is to learn at school, at work and in the family”.


– Morning : Yoga Techniques At School

– Afternoon:

A : From the Temple to the Desert with Diana Rego

Our goal is to make you discover and transmit a two thousand-year- old art. The Rajasthan Desert Dance is fraught with emotion and liveliness. Originating from nomadic people, it stops nowhere and
develops endless circles and drawings through space.

Portuguese – English.

B : Musical Games at School with Irene Cortesão

Children like music, which facilitates learning.

Using musical techniques enhances their global development and their creative potential. These expressive musical activities will be an asset for every educator.

Portuguese – English.

C : Printing Portuguese Azulejos or Mandalas with Walter Almeida

A useful and original plastic art-work: we will learn how to print from A to Z according to an innovative method starting from recycled materials. We will first invent patterns which are later going to work wonders on paper.

Portuguese – French.

D : Chi Kung or the art to cultivate the Vital Energy with Lourenço de Azevedo

The Chi Kung is a branch of the Chinese traditional medicine and also an essential part of the meditative and martial tradition. By controlled and coordinated movements, this vital energy is gradually
felt and will influence self knowledge and better relationships.

Portuguese – French.


Trainers in Rye Techniques

  • RYE France: Elisabeth Jouanne – Kindergarten teacher – Kindergarten workshop, French-English
  • RYE France: Michelle and Jack Benoît – Teacher – Psychomotor therapist – Primary workshop, French
  • RYE United Kingdom: Kerry Gallagher and Lynn Parrott – Secondary School Art Teacher – Primary school teacher – Primary workshop, English-Portuguese
  • RYE Italy: Mirella Perlasca and Carlo Livio – Primary school teacher – Secondary school teacher – Secondary workshop, French-English

Activity Leaders  (Afternoon Workshops)

  • Diana Rego, specialized in oriental dances
  • Irene Cortesão, music teacher
  • Walter Almeida, designer
  • Lourenço de Azevedo, Chi Kung instructor

Yoga Nidrá –
Portuguese, Teresa Messeder – English, Kerry Gallagher – French, Véra Mainini

Schedule of The Day

7h00 Yoga Session

8h00 Breakfast

9h00 – 12h00 Training Course On Yoga Techniques At School.

12h30 Lunch

15h00 – 17h30 Chosen Workshop (See your registration form)

18h00 Yoga Nidrá, A Technique of Transformation

19h30 Dinner

Tuesday afternoon : Free time
Thursday night : Party organized by the group

About RYE and EURYE

RYE was born in France in1978 and was founded by Micheline Flak. She was an English teacher in a Parisian middle school and was also a Yoga practitioner and teacher. Her experience of Yoga began to influence her English lessons and through various experiments of incorporating yoga instruction in the classroom she became deeply interested in the way yoga enhanced the whole learning process. Micheline’s experience of yoga comes from the Satyananda tradition – a holistic approach, integrating all aspects of being; here she learned the systematic relaxation of Yoga Nidra™, developed from an ancient practice by Swami Satyananda to make it accessible and useful for modern man.

Therefore RYE has its roots in ancient yogic tradition, and its basis is centred on 6 principles that are relevant and effective tools for the modern classroom. RYE uses simple yoga techniques – postures, breathing, relaxation and concentration in small amounts throughout the lesson to improve learning, by unifying the body with the mind, creating amity within the class, amongst both peers and teacher.

More and more research is constantly being explored on the complexity of how individuals learn and schools are often implementing new methods. This in itself can often be draining for teachers who already have a multitude of tasks to perform. The key to RYE is that the teacher experiences yoga and RYE techniques for themselves to help harmonise both body and mind, enabling them to use the techniques more effectively.

EURYE was formed in 2000, and extended to non-European countries. It includes Officially France, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Portugal and Greece. Spain and Norway are also among the countries where the RYE techniques are taught. Since 2007, RYE Uruguay was created originated by International conventions for the countries of Latin America, ensuring the relay of RYE techniques to Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Micheline Flak is regularly invited to transmit her teaching in Israel. In 2007, she went to Bangalore, Madras and Calculata, to conduct RYE courses.

Date: Arrival – Saturday, July 23, 2011, from 3 pm – programme starting at 6 pm  –  Ending – Friday, July 29, 2011 after lunch
Location: Axis Ofir Beach Resort Hotel, Praia de Ofir – Fão – Esposende, Portugal   (35 Km from Aeroporto Sá Carneiro, Oporto)
Values: (check details with the organizers) –  S = Single Room, D = Double Room

  • Before April, 15:  610 € S – 660 € D
  • After April, 15:   735 € S – 785 € D

More information:
Email: rye.portugal@gmail.com (Portugal) – ryebelgium@hotmail.com (Belgium) – vera.mainini@wanadoo.fr – (Véra Mainini) – info@ryeuk.org (Lynn Parrott) – rye.ita@libero.it (Italy)

T: 00 351 226181227 (Teresa Messeder – Portugal) – 00 32 (0)10689546 (Kathleen Bonnevie – Belgium) – 00 33 (0)679412329 (Véra Mainini – France) – 0044 (0)2086 93 46 03 (Lynn Parrott – United Kingdom) – 0039 (0)41 5265705 (Mirella Perlasca – Italy)
Web: www.rye.free.frwww.rye.itwww.ryeuk.orgwww.rye-belgium.netwww.axisofir.com

See also other events by: EURYE


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