Italy: Milan 5th Yoga Festival – “Beyond The Senses”

| 10-04, 2010

Milan | 8- 9-10, October, 2010
The 5th edition of the Yogafestival in Milan will take place from Friday 8 till Sunday 10th of October, 2010. Thousands of visitors are expected at Superstudio Più, in Via Tortona, Milan, a 4500 square meter venue in one of the most popular areas of the city.

Among the most expected Yoga events at the European level the Yoga Festival in Milan, with its innovative and informative spirit, looks at the future of Yoga, maintains strong links with the classical traditions of Yoga and Áyurveda, and, invites the most interesting schools and great masters on the international scene to come into contact with a large and passionate public.

This year’s theme is “Beyond The Senses”. For the western culture, experiential and pragmatic, only five senses are known. But, in the oriental disciplines, there are much more senses, if we call sense to any stimulus collected from a specific area of the brain, or a chemical re-action on the brain centres, or an activity that stimulate the glandular centres of the body. Some are dormant or forgotten, others it was thought that they didn’t exist, but they can all be awakened, activated, deepened and developed. One must learn to recognize them in order to access the superior essence of Man.

The Festival hosts

  • Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Meetings
  • Water Yoga – Watsu and Woga shiatsu and Yoga practiced in the water, in a real pool.
  • Music and Chanting –  Music, mantras and songs
  • Nutrition Area
  • Áyurveda Area – meetings, presentations, practice
  • Talk Show – Sunday – “How Yoga has changed my life” with special guests and the special testimony by Camila Raznovich.

Many conferences are about Neurosciences and Yoga – as it is known, most of the last discoverings in Sciences were already written in the ancient oriental texts as the Vedas. Some presentations will talk about that. Check below the list of teachers and presentations.

Program Contents


  • Françoise Berlette   –   To feed oneself from the inside
  • Willy Van Lysebeth   –   The eyes; the look; the clearness, The source of the gesture and the physical sensation


  • Baret Eric   –   The tactile expansion – all levels
  • Christian Pisano   –   Incineration practices, The consecration of the body and the ritual of fullness (for Teachers), Preliminary steps of initiation into one’s own sense of space
  • Eric Baret   –   The tactile expansion – Silence and the sense faculties in Kasmir Shivaism
  • Patrick Torre   –   Nada Yoga
  • Torre Patrick   –   Mantra Yoga
  • Trimouillat Annie   –   Yoga of touch


  • Michi Kern   –   Hearing listening become: the universe is but vibration, The cosmic sound vibration


  • Andrea Serena and Prof Andrea Vitullo   –   LISTENING.BIZ – to enable our listening faculty
  • Barbara Barbarani   –   Find your voice – Artistic and therapeutic tools
  • Caramia Donatella   –   Mind and Meditation – The neurophysiological basis of Yoga Meditation and the creative process
  • Carlo Tetsugen Serra & Nuzzo Antonio  –  Qi and Prána Zen and Yoga two traditions in comparison
  • Dr. António Morandi & Cármen Tosto   –   Health and Armony through Senses according to Ayurveda
  • Eros Selvanizza   –   Pratyáhára and emotional “body”
  • Ferruccio Ascari   –   The art of seeing things as they are
  • Fronti Gio’   –   To expand sensory perception: the roots of our soul
  • Gabriella Cella Al Chamali   –   Sensory perceptions in Ratna Yoga – Advanced and teachers
  • Gian Piero Carezzato   –   Pratyáhára – To free oneself from conditionings and expand the inner space For Teachers
  • Gioia Lussana   –   The Goddess’ food
  • Giorgio Grungo   –   Unity beyond the sound – body meditation and sound therapy with the Tibetan Bells
  • Jacopo Ceccarelli   –   Acroyoga – Yoga on the “magic carpet”
  • Krishna Das (Italy)  –   Melodies of Peace – Mantra Meditation, Music treatment according to ancient Vedic philosophy
  • Laura Fortunati   –   Mindfulness
  • Lisetta Landoni   –   The third ear – Theorical/practical introduction to Pratyáhára and initiation to Kriyá Yoga
  • Lorena Pajalunga Swami Praghya Caksu Saraswati   –   Ancient methods to grow healthy and happy children
  • Lorenza Ferraguti   –   Ancient methods to grow healthy and happy children
  • Luciano Marchino   –   The harmonic fusion of self consciousness with he perception of the others
  • Madau Perra Danila   –   Evolutionary astrology in Ratna Yoga
  • Marchesi Siddho   –   To yeld to acceptance – Osho Kundaliní Meditation
  • Marco Mandrino   –   Hari Yoga’n’Soul
  • Nuzzo Antonio   –   better balance between the feminine and the mascouline in nowadays men
  • Paolo Ricci   –   Meditation on the go
  • Piero Vivarelli   –   Jaanendria and Kaarmendriya the senses of perception and action
  • Roberto Milletti   –   Liquid Yoga
  • Sabrina Grifeo Yogacharini  –   Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga
  • Silvano Colombo   –   The astral body as vehicle of the sensation
  • Silvio Ferragina   –   The Sútra of the Heart
  • Vittorio Marchi   –   The last frontier in science
  • Antonio Nuzzo   –   A subtle conscience transformation process to get ready for the vision of the energy body (prána maya kosa)
  • Atmananda Siva Shakti  –  Siva – Shakti Dance – Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi


  • Akira Watamoto   –   A guide to Yoga breathing, Bandha beyond the body – preparatory meditation techniques


  • Moses Mbajah   –   Yoga Ásana the expression of inner strength through the body language


  • Guru Dev Singh   –   From senses to intuition


  • Gilchrist Stewart   –   Beyond the senses to get to Moksha state of liberation


  • Christina Campedelli   –   The thin dimensions of food
  • Patrick Nicora Yogacharya Hariharan   –   The nature of the senses its function and perception


  • Ateeka   –   The healing power of the sound,  To arouse your sense of smell
  • Barbara Woehler   –   The wisdom of Maturity
  • Daniel Villasenor   –   The “cosmo” of the human body
  • Long Diane   –   The intelligence of the body
  • Martha Hamilton   –   To explore the energy flow through TriYoga

Date: 8- 9-10, October, 2010
Location: Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27, 20144 – Milan

  • € 5 Card gives access (on the three days) to all non payed activities: free classes, conferences, non payed musical events, the exhibition area, the Áyurveda space, restaurants and various services of the festival.
  • Some Seminars are paid and require reservation 100 € Special Card, purchased online, allows access to all € 25 seminars without limitation. Warning! must still be associated with the purchase of the € 5 card.

More information:
Email: marisa@annabi.itgiorgia@annabi.itanna@annabi.itinfo@superstudiogroup.comT: +39 02 89078350 – 02 422501 (Superstudio Piu’) – Web:

See also other events by: Associazione T.A.O.


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