Portugal: Workshops and Retreat with Nalanie Chellaram in Estoril and Algarve

| 09-27, 2010

Estoril: 9-12 October | Almancil, Algarve: 14 – 18 October, 2010

Nalanie Chellaram will be visiting Portugal once more where she will guide Workshops in Estoril and a Retreat in the Algarve, at Quinta da Calma. In Estoril Nalanie will teach two mini workshops entitled “The Science of the Mind I and II”. The Estoril Sangha will also arrange a tour to a Budha Eden Gardens. In the Algarve there will be a retreat at Quinta da Calma entitled “Deepening your Study of the Sútras” taught by Nalanie and the guest teacher, Siva Stephan Trefzer.

Estoril: 9-12 October, 2010

  • Sunday 10 – Tour to a Budha Eden Gardens (arranged by Estoril Sangha)
  • Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 October, 17h – 20h – The Science of the Mind – 2 mini workshops

We live in a world where we are surrounded by advertising; influenced by television and materialism; told how to be and what to think. We are constantly thrown into a world of needs and wants and yet when we get what we have desired, we are happy for a little while and lose our peace again. We lose our individuality and strength by becoming victims of a society that dictates to us. We are constantly at battle with ourselves. Life becomes a chore rather than a dance. There is no peace or balance. How can there be PEACE when we are not grounded in our own thinking ?

Value: no fee – donations for charity are most appreciated!

Quinta da Calma: 14 – 18 October, 2010

Retreat: “Deepening Your Study of the Sutras”
with Nalanie Chellaram & Guest teacher, Siva Stephan Trefzer

“Deepening Your Study of the Sútras” will be covering Sutras that have not been taught or touched on at Raja I. It will delve deeply into the subject of Meditation in order to understand the “True Self”. These Sútras take us to a more subtle level of consciousness. The words of the Sútras themselves are difficult to understand without practical application. Our Mission is to dive deep into Spirit while maintaining our connection to this Earth and touching the Lord of Love”

There will be Hatha Yoga with Siva, an Integral Yoga teacher from the UK. He will be teaching “Deepening your Hatha practice”.

Booking and Prices: Registration 15h -17h on Thursday 14th October. Departing Monday 18th after breakfast.

Program (subject to change)

Thursday 14th

3pm – 4.45pm Registration
5 – 7pm Introduction /greeting each other.
7pm Dinner.
8.30 – 9pm Meditation

Friday 15th

6 to 8am Hatha leading to Meditation with Siva.
8.30 am Breakfast.
10 to 12.30 Sutras Bk1. 17 to 21.
12.30 to 1pm Pránáyáma and Concentration.
1.15pm Lunch
3 to 4pm Silent Time and Personal Study.
4 to 6pm Sutras. Bk.1. 43 to 51.
6 to 7pm Participants Discussion / Questions / Answers.
7.15 – 8.30 pm Dinner.
8.45 – 9.30pm Concentration and Meditation.

Saturday 16th

Same as Friday programme but Sutra study will cover Sutras Bk. 2. 1 to 18.

Sunday 17th

Same as Friday programme but Sutra study will cover Sútras Bk.2. 19 to 27 – This study will involve parallels with the Bhagavad Gítá.
4 to 7pm. Group interaction and their understanding of Sútras covered.

Text Books required for Raja 2:

The Yoga Sutras of Sri Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gítá with commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda.
Chapters covered in the Bhagavad Gítá will be:
Chapter 6 – The Yoga of Meditation
Chapter 13 – Yoga of the Field and its Knower
Chapter 14 – Yoga of the 3 Qualities of Nature

About Nalanie Chellaram

Nalanie is a spiritual teacher dedicated to selfless service. She was born in 1954 into the distinguished Indian family the Harilela’s. She grew up in the presence of a close family friend, who, unbeknown at the time, was to have a deep and lasting influence in her life. This frequent visitor and friend was Swami Satchidananda, her beloved Guru. Nalanie is Chairwoman of the Integral Yoga Centre Gibraltar and she gives Satsangas both there and Internationally. She is also the founder of “Service in Satchidananda”, a nonprofit international collective of charities established in honor of Sri Swami Satchidananda and based on his core teaching of selfless service.

Location: Estoril (ulla.rapazote@gmail.com) and Quinta da Calma, 8136-901 Almancil – Algarve, Portugal

More information:
Email: ulla.rapazote@gmail.com (Estoril) – paddyal@yahoo.cominfo@quintadacalma.com (Quinta da Calma) – T: +351 289 393 741 – 925 412 562 (Quinta da Calma) – Web: www.yogagibraltar.comwww.sisproject.org

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