Portugal: Special Satsanga with Mataji at Quinta da Calma

| 03-04, 2010

Portugal: Special Satsanga with Mataji at Quinta da CalmaAlmancil – Algarve | March 6, 2010

On Saturday, 6 March, at 15 h, Quinta da Calma invites you and your students and friends to come and participate in a very special event: Quinta da Calma has the great pleasure of receiving Mataji (Swami Gurucharananda) from Yogaville, U.S. who will lead a Satsanga.

Mataji will be speaking on gaining and sustaining our inner peace despite these difficult days of chãos all around us by practical application of the regular practice of Yoga in our daily life.  In other words, how to stay peaceful no matter what ! She will be using the approach of Mantra Yantra to illustrate this. Mataji will be speaking, then there will be application of the practices, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions.

About Mataji (Swami Gurucharananda)

For more than 50 years Mataji has been living and teaching at Satchidananda Áshrama, Yogaville, USA. All her life has been dedicated to share and spread the philosophy and the teachings of Yoga. To be present in a Satsang with Mataji is a very special occasion to learn with her presence and her simple loving way of sharing her wisdom.

Mataji is truly inspirational: she totally embodies the teachings of Swami Satchidananda, and her great joy at sharing these teachings with us is palpable !

You cannot help but feel good in her presence ! Please do not miss this beautiful event !

To retain:

  • Please let Reception know if you can come
  • Tea and cakes/cookies will be served

Date: March 6, 2010

Hours: 15h-18h

Language: English – the event will be translated into Portuguese.

Location: Quinta da Calma – Pavilion, Almancil – Algarve, Portugal

Value: By donation

More information:

Email: info@quintadacalma.com T: 289 393 741 – Web: www.quinta-da-calma.com

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