Germany: The 5th Yoga-Festival Berlin – “Yoga: way to nature”

| 06-12, 2009

Berlin – Germany | 3-5 July, 2009

More than 5000 people are expected at the 5th Yoga-Festival Berlin from July 3rd to 5th, 2009. It is the greatest meeting of its kind in Germany. This time the motto is: “Yoga – way to nature”. An interesting program expects 55 international speakers and 55 workshops in the wonderful scenery of the Cultural Park Kladow: Yoga hours, lectures, many high-carat concerts and much more. The organizers aim to present the science of the yoga in all its aspects, integrally. The Yoga-Festival finds this year the way to nature; people may camp and take a bath, boats will be ready.

The extensive program will include the presentation and practice of classic yoga styles, numerous workshops, and allowing personal contact with teachers, guest speakers, artists and other participants. The festival also sees itself as a platform for exchange and inspiration. Especially beginners and interested people are given the opportunity to learn about the world of yoga in all its facets in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere, gaining first experience and go onto the “way to nature”.

In the scope of the festival the 1st Berlin child yoga Convention will take place.

The concept:

The concept of the Berlin Yoga Festivals is to present the science of yoga with a mixture of medical, philosophical, psychological, cultural and sporting aspects in holistic approach.

Yoga is seen as a way of physical and mental development, which today is open to all people. Through the practice of yoga the general health state is significantly improved, physical and mental relaxation is promoted, a clear mind and a friendly and compassionate mood is developed.~

Local: Cultural Park Kladow

Date: 3-5 July, 2009

Teachers, guest speakers, artists:

Alexander Peters, Al Gromer Khan, Andreas Loh, André Riehl, André Wagner, Anja Kühnel, Anne Tusche, Arne Frercks, Barbara Bändel, Beant Singh & Beant Kaur, Beate Gatscha, Ben Sond, Bettina & Stefan Lietz, Birgit Löwenbrück, Carena Cristina Common, Carolin Gödeke, Danilo Steinert, Dave Stringer & Band, Dr. Pt Dinesh Chandra Sati, Henning Scheel, Ina Görges, Jakob Heydemann, Jenny, (Jason) & Team, Lin Ananda Holmquist, Lorna Neuber, Lucie Beyer, Miriam Kretzschmar, Moritz Ulrich, Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa, Nandi Devar, Dr. med. Ori Wolff, Dr. phil. N. K. Jain, Patricia Thielemann, Petra Ehrlich, Regina Berger, Renate Czech, Sat Hari Singh Khalsa, Sathya, Satyaa & Pari, Satyananda, Sebastian Dreyer, Sri Vast, Sri Sivan Namboothiri, Stefan Datt, Stefano Petrou, Swami Bodhichitananda, Swami Gurusharanananda, Swami Mangalananda, Swami Nardanand, Swami Nikhil Joshi, Swami Yogananda, Tom Beyer, Urvasi Leone, Vera Kaltwasser and Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath.

More information:

Contact: Mrs. Miriam Kretzschmar  and  Mr. Stefan datt

Address: Learning in Motion eV,  Veranstaltungskommittee Berlin Yogafestival, Weimarerstr. 29, D-10625 Berlin

T: +49 (0) 30 38 10 80 93   M: +49 (0) 163 2 89 41 79

Web: Email:

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