Portugal: The Fire of the Heart ONLINE Course – with Peter Bampton

| 05-19, 2020

Online | 21 Jun – 01 Nov, 2020

The Fire of the Heart ONLINE Course – with Peter Bampton in Online.

The course will be held online .

The Fire of the Heart Course is a penetrating and profound Transformational journey into the radical immediacy and evolutionary potential of Spiritual Awakening here and now.

Anchored in a simple yet illuminating approach to True Meditation, the Awakening Process that Peter describes is direct, contemporary, and includes the totality of manifest existence in its integral embrace.

If you have a sincere longing to Awaken to your True Nature and align your precious human life with the limitless energy, intelligence and freedom of Consciousness Itself then The Fire of the Heart Course may be for you…

You may have spent time on a spiritual path, have had momentary spiritual experiences of Awakened Consciousness, tasted the freedom of extraordinary insights and possibilities, only to find these insights gradually fade away, leaving you wondering; “Is it actually possible to become a living, breathing expression of my deepest insight and understanding?”

You may still intuit that an extraordinary Awakened Life is possible, but how do you live and actualize what you have seen in the complexity of what you may call your “everyday life”? The Fire of the Heart Course will provide answers to these challenges that are accessible, contemporary and penetratingly psychoactive.

The Fire of the Heart Course will be held Online and is divided into 2 Parts of 6 sessions each. Each session will be approximately 2 – 2.5 hours long.

Part 1 will be held in June, July and the beginning of August. Part 2 will be held in September, October and November.

Part 1 – Dates (2020)

June 21, 28
July 12, 19, 26
August 2



Part 2 – Dates (2020)

September 6, 20
October 4, 11, 18
November 1



Participants are welcome to commit to Parts 1 & 2 with all 12 sessions or are welcome to commit only to Part 1 of 6 sessions. It is not possible for you to participate in Part 2 if you have not completed Part 1.


In The Fire of The Heart Course you will discover:

  • How to Recognize your True Nature and allow this essential Mystery to animate your being
  • An Infinite, Inexhaustible Source of Deep Trust and Love – the Heart Itself – that enables one to act with courage and grace in the face of the challenges and complexity of life
  • What it means to “Practice Awakening” Here & Now
  • A simple yet profound approach to True Meditation and Self-Inquiry
  • How to understand and transcend the ego’s relentless insistence that there is something missing from this moment
  • How to open the door to profound intuitive wisdom and spontaneous creativity by letting go of “the need to know”
  • Why innocence is more powerful than certainty and how to live in “Wide Open Wonder”
  • Learning how to directly perceive the “already enlightened nature” of all that arises
  • How to navigate your way between the polarities of conscious effort and unconditional surrender
  • A practical spiritual practice that enables you to deconstruct the ego in the midst of engagement with everyday life
  • Your Character Type and how this knowledge is invaluable in determining what needs to be embraced and what needs to be avoided in your Awakening Process
  • The Pure Passion of the Fire of the Heart that opens up unimaginable potentials of Evolutionary Love
  • Profoundly liberating perspectives on gender, sexuality and embodiment
  • A deep understanding of the dynamics of cultural evolution and the potentials for whole system social transformation
  • The yogic, energetic dimension of the Awakening Process and the map of the subtle anatomy of the human body
  • How to transform your relationships into dynamic “evolutionary partnerships” that both support and challenge you to fully live your Awakening.
  • The radical and revolutionary potentials for Collective Awakening and Emergence


Included in the Fire of the Heart Course:

  • All sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants
  • Written materials and Teaching Models will be provided
  • Online Forum to share insights and ask questions in between sessions
  • All participants will receive a complementary copy of the book “The Fire of the Heart” upon which the Course is based


Payment for Part 1 only – 250 €

Payment for Part 2 – 250 € (Must commit to Part 2 in July)

DISCOUNTED Payment for the entire Course – 450 €

If you need to pay in installments we are happy to work with you but you must commit to completing each part and full payment must be made by the 3rd session.



Places Are Limited: Reserve Now!

Please Contact: Info@awakenedlifeproject.org


+Info: awakenedlifeproject.org/en/events/fire-heart-course-lisbon-porto



Start: Sun, 21-Jun-2020, 8:00  –  End: Sun, 01-Nov-2020, 8:30
Email: info@awakenedlifeproject.org – Web: awakenedlifeproject.org/en – T: 93 801 97 33


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