Portugal: Reiki Usui, Level 1 – Padma Yoga Center – Lisbon

| 01-10, 2020

Lisboa | 26 January, 2020

Reiki Usui, Level 1 – Padma Yoga Center in Lisboa – Saldanha.

means universal vital energy.
It is a therapy method with origin in Japan.
The word Reiki has two kanji (Japanese letters):

REI – Universal;
KI – Energy, Vital strength.


In the Reiki therapy the therapist is only a channel through which the universal energy flows.
Reiki Usui Shiky Ryoho, Karuna


  • IT increases you vital energy in your body
  • It harmonizes your body
  • IT works on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level
  • It heels depression and anxiety
  • It reduces stress
  • It helps to heal wounds
  • It minimizes the side effects of chemical conventional treatments (anesthesia, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc…)



  • Presentation
  • Reiki History
  • What is Reiki?
  • 5 Principles
  • Chakras
  • Meditation
  • Postures of the hands
  • Self-treatment
  • 21 days of self-treatment
  • Treatment to third parties


Book till January 15th and pay only 99€

Value ~ 125€

it includes certification, handbook, teas and biscuits

Level 2:

Sunday, May 10th 2020, 9h30 till 18h30
it includes certification, handbook, teas and biscuits

In the second level we go deeper in the Reiki knowledge and we grow up spiritually. We will learn 3 symbols for mental, emotional and spiritual healing and also protection symbols. We will learn how to send Reiki in distance. It is the right level to all the people that wish to work deeply in their spiritual growth.


  • Meditations
  • The 3 Symbols to daily use
  • Get an initiation

Value ~ 150€
Book both levels and get 20% off


Please Note: Please bring comfortable clothes, white color. Don´t drink coffee nor eat meat on the day before and on that day.




Start: Sun, 26-Jan-2020, 9:30  –  End: 18:30
Email: padmayogacenter@gmail.com – Web: centropadmayoga.com – T: 92 501 49 95


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