Portugal: Awaken your Chakras Yin Yoga and Brunch – with Isabel de Erice

| 11-13, 2018

Sintra | 17 November, 2018

   Awaken your Chakras Yin Yoga and Brunch – with Isabel de Erice in Sintra.

Come and join us for a soft, playful, Yin Practice to awaken and bring awareness to the subtle energy system in our body known as CHAKRAS.

If you haven’t heard about them yet, come discover this interesting system in our body, where when bringing attention to them we can harmonise and get them in balance so energy can flow more easily. Yogis and chakra pros are welcome too! There is nothing like a Yin practice to balance and restore at the end of the week!

About The Class

This will be a 90 minute class where we will start with a short meditation.

We will hold our poses for 3-5 minutes, breathing in softly and releasing any deep engrained emotions and stress.

With guided visualisation and breath work we will move through a meditative set of postures which will connect you with each of your chakras.

Language: Classes will be held in English.

Tinkuy will offer their beautiful vegetarian food cooked with love at the end of the session and we can connect with others in the beautiful courtyard if weather permits! Otherwise indoors 🙂

Value: 20EUR for the class and the brunch

Register: on Isabel@satretreats.com

About Isabel de Erice

Isabel was trained by the Yoga Alliance YTT at Urban OM in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017 with some of the best teachers now Giselle Marie (Jivamukti), Jenny Arthur (Hatha) Petra Kalla (Yoga therapy), amongst others. I have taught in Spain (where I am from) and now in Portugal.

I am inspired by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to bring a union of the mind, body and soul through the asanas, breathwork, and meditation.

My aim is to bring awareness through each movement and breath, relaxing into your self, and experience yourself BEING in the class, to later integrate these tools into your daily life.

Tinkuy Center (Gracias a la Vida, Association)
2, Estrada do Rodízio 2705-335 Colares, Lisboa, Portugal

Start: Sat, 17-Nov-2018, 10:30  –  End: 14:30
Email: isabel@satretreats.com – Web: satretreats.com

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