Portugal: Next Culture in Portugal – Expand the Box with Clinton and Marion Callahan

| 04-08, 2014

S. Teotónio | 08-12 October, 2014

Clinton and Marion Callahan will come to Portugal by 8-12 October 2014 and will lead the 5 day retreat “Next Culture” in Portugal – The “Expand the Box” workshop in Monte Orada in the South of Portugal.

Hello friends,
We bring to Portugal one of the most important teachers that work in the field of personal development through awakening, and bringing back feelings in the center of awareness in the life of people in our modern society.
The awakening Clinton Callahan experienced himself is the origin of his teachings, techniques and guiding.

These ideas came from more than thirty years of unprecedented exploration with private groups of people who ventured beyond traditional understandings into unknown territory.

Entering the “forbidden zones” to the modern numb person,
Wrestling with the deepest uncertainties,
Trying numerous approaches,
Distilling the outcomes and coming with a collection of distinctions
That permits men and women to create extraordinary lives.

That work was called “Possibility Management”.
Clinton and Marion Callahan are people that care for the future of mankind.
they are cultural revolutioners that take the human beings to a next culture.
As such, they have a lot to say about how daily life in the modern society look like,
how to get out of it and where to…

Two important books that Clinton wrote:
“Radiant Joy Brilliant Love” and “Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings”
describe the collection of processes for emotional awakening.

They are directing towards the practical, filled with “thought-maps”, examples and exercises.
The skills are to be practiced with feedback and coaching from peers
Until their effectiveness becomes exponentially undeniable.
This is not mere theory!
Taking you by the hand, builds a foundation of understanding beyond mainstream culture,
and then experientially leads you into reclaiming your own feelings
as a way of establishing next culture.

“Each person reclaiming the power to consciously feel and to communicate with feelings, benefits not only themselves but contributes to the lives of their colleagues, friends and relations.
Absorbing the ideas in this book opens a real chance that your heart could break out of its long-familiar prison.
Learning to feel could become the most profound experience of your life.”
(a quote from the book: “Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings”)
if you wish to read some of Clinton’s says, check here for Clinton’s blog

In this retreat some answers to the following questions may find answers…

  • What would it be like to claim your adult masculine or feminine feelings with clarity?
  • How can you distinguish and express your own feelings?
  • How could you effectively listen to and relate to other people’s feelings?
  • How can feelings serve you professionally?
  • How could reclaiming your feelings empower you to establish a truly sustainable culture?

Practical processes will direct towards studying, recognizing and being aware of the numbness level.
Lowering the setting of your numbness bar you regain physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic sensations.
Dormant and numb things start to wake up and open.
Letting the sun shine in…

“From experiential clarity emerges the possibility of living in a new relationship to other people, to the Earth, and to your own purpose.

Precision and vulnerability come together in diverse new societies – tiny at first – where men and women, families, friends, neighbors and colleagues collaboratively create technically and spiritually sustainable cultures where success means:
developing the potential of each person.”
(A quote from the book: “Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings”)

For more details visit: Next culture’s home page

Please go here for the facebook event

Registration: please contact vanda@viveroamor.com

Blessings of light, bright and High level fun !
Vanda Pereira



Start: Qua, 08-Out-2014, 16:00  –  End: Dom, 12-Out-2014, 17:00
Email: vanda@viveroamor.comWeb: www.nextculture.org – T: 91 399 45 41

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