UK: Nalanie Chellaram in London and in the Cornwall

| 10-31, 2010

London 11 Nov | Cornwall | 12 – 14 Nov, 2010

Nalanie Chellaram is visiting the UK in November and will be guiding Satsangs in London at the Special Yoga Centre, and in the Cornwall at Penmellyn House.

Thur, 11 November, 2010

Love Heals with Nalanie Chellaram

Location: The Special Yoga Centre, London
Hours: 19h30 – 21h

We are here on this Earth to grow and understand our spiritual nature. To get to the “Ocean of Divine Peace” there will be obstacles. Life presents us with many unexpected situations some pleasurable and some painful. We seem to cope when things work out our way and fall apart when they do not. Why fret and worry? We are truly here today and gone tomorrow.

Let us instead savour each moment, living in its vibrancy. The senses constantly seek gratification. The mind searches everywhere for enjoyment. The heart constantly seeks love. Follow the heart, subdue the senses and peace follows. Sorrow or joy, it is all an experience. How else are we to go beyond duality and see the bigger picture?

Through the study of the great spiritual truths and meditation we discover an inner world where everything vibrates in Love. When we tune into this vibration an inner glow enters our beings. This glow holds the frequency that heals emotional traumas and lightens physical pain or ailments. Love is the magic that keeps us alive and heals a broken heart.

All proceeds from this evening go to “Service in Satchidananda”, a non-profit, international collective of charities established in honor of Sri Swami Satchidananda and The Special Yoga Centre to support the incredible Yoga Therapy work they do for children with special needs.

Value: £10 Suggested donation, Children FREE

Email: +44 208 968 1900 – Web:

12 – 14 November, 2010

A Sacred Life in a Modern World

Location: Penmellyn House

‘A Sacred Life In a Modern World’ will be guided by Nalanie Chellaram and Rev. Richard Mason. They will move through the week-end using testimony based on direct experience and video recordings with the Selfrealised master Swami Satchidananda, (disciple of Master Sivananda). We will be exploring the “easy to understand” teachings of the great Master himself and delving deeper into them, with time for discussion. There will be plenty of opportunity for us to gain a deeper understanding of the richness and uniqueness of Integral Yoga. Nalanie, Richard & Siva will talk about the Saints & Teachers that they have met on their quest for the divine truth.

More information:
Email: +44 1793 322-262 (Parvati) – Web:

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