UK: 5 Elements of Flow Yoga Workshop with Dhanashri

| 10-20, 2010

Reigate, Surrey | Saturday, 23rd October de 2010

Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre presents the Workshop “5 Elements of Flow Yoga” with Dhanashri, one of Centre‘s Directors. Deepen your Yoga experience with Dhanashri – Learn how to incorporate each of these elements into you practice and flow efortlessly… a fun filled day of philosophy and practice.

Vinyasa (Yoga Flow) maintains the internal heat we use to dissolve resistance. It wipes the body slate clean between postures and provides a clear contrast from the stillness of Ásana. It allows us to maintain an un-broken awareness of being.

To flow effortlessly we need to incorporate 5 elements into our practice:

  • Ásana – or postures, which challenge physical and mental patterns, develop steadiness, stillness, strength and mobility, challenge limitations and encourage a harmonious attitude between body and mind
  • Pránáyáma – or breath awareness, Pránáyáma requires us to breath fully and freely, relinquishing all holding and grasping, so the breath is free to fill the space created by Asana.
  • Bandha – orinner locks which hold the pranic energy within certain areas in the body. By locking we are able to un-lock the dormant inner flow of energy responsible for transformation.
  • Drishti – focused attention or direction of awareness. To direct the gaze to a certain point on or around the body. This externalisation of the gaze in time causes an internal movement of energy and awareness.
  • Vinyasa – or Yoga flow is a rhythmic flow of movement and breath that links one Asana to the next. It implies connectivity and synchronicity, a flowing precision. To allow the outer rhythmic movement of the body to follow the inner rhythm of the breath has a deeply internalising affect. We no longer need to think, we just flow.

Only when each individual element is established and all five elements are integrated as a whole and in harmony with each other, do we have flow.

When Ásana is steady and at ease.
When Pránáyáma is full, un-shakeable and connected with the inner flow of energy.
When Bandha is spontaneously engaged.
When Drishti has become an inner gaze
When the vinyasa has given rise to an un-broken stream of awareness do we have flow.

This merging of all the individual aspects of our being into a single flow is Pratyáhára (introspection). The outward going energy has been successfully internalised. The outer physical movement of the flow ceases, we assume a static meditation posture and the inner flow begins. This is the realm of Dháraná (concentration), a concentrated awareness of the flow of energy deep within our being. If this focus is successfully held and we surrender completely to this inner flow we enter the realm of Dhyána (meditation). If this is sustained the flow will take us to its source, the source of all that is, Samádhi.

About Dhanashri

Dhanashri, (Debbie Harrison) one of the three directors of Yoga Ananda, is a multi-skilled Yogi with talents in teaching Yoga, and guiding other teachers of Yoga, as well as extensive holistic therapy skills and experience, with Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Indian Head Massage, Áyurveda and Holistic Body Massage, and hopi ear candling.

Dhanashri first discovered Yoga 14 years ago on the banks of the River Ganges in the holy city of Rishikesh, India and immediately knew she had found what she was looking for. Since then she has visited India annually, both personally and to take students on retreat, delving deeply into meditation and yoga practice which she has found to be a powerful agent of change in her life.

She became a qualified Yoga teacher in Mysore, India, and studied many alternative therapies whilst travelling around the world. Finally settling in Southampton 10 years ago to qualify as a registered practitioner and to establish a Yoga Centre which offered a full schedule of classes, workshops, meditation courses and therapies

Dhanashri’s interest in meditation and Kriyá Yoga began in 1998 reading Autobiography of a Yoga by Paramahansa Yogananda.

She has been blessed with many wonderful teachers (from east and west) eventually meeting the guiding light in her life Swami Vishwananda who gave her the spiritual name Dhanashri (which means to give all) and initiated her to become an Atma Kriyá Yoga teacher and also to lead Om Healing meditation groups.

She has spent time in retreat at each of their ashrams drinking deeply from their fountain of wisdom

Further inspiration in her life has come from Vanamali Devi, Swami Niranjananda, Papa Ramdas and Amma to name but a few.

Dhanashri is SYT (Senior Yoga Teacher) Yoga Alliance Certified – certified to teach other Yoga Teachers.

She will be offering Workshops and programs which award CPD points (continued professional development) towards your ongoing certification as a yoga professional.

For Debbie her practice is not confined to a yoga mat – it permeates her whole life. She has found that the timeless principles of Yoga sometimes confront us with uncomfortable truths, but when we accept the challenge we are provided with unprecedented opportunities for growth.

Dhanashri teaches Yoga Flow almost every day at the Centre, and offers therapy as requested, call reception to book. She has started teaching meditation on Tuesday evenings too, and hosts the Om Healing session in Swami Vishwananda’s tradition, on Thursday evening – all welcome !  Know more…

Date: Saturday, 23rd October de 2010
Hours: 10h – 16h
Location: Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre,  46 Albert Road North,  Reigate, Surrey  RH2 9E,  UK
Value: £50

More information:
Email: 01737 222 400 – Web:

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