Argentina: World Professional and Amateur Yoga Championships 2010

| 09-10, 2010

Rosario City, Santa Fe | 25 – 26 September, 2010

The World Professional Yoga Championship and the World Amateur Yoga Championship will take place respectively on 25th and 26th of September, 2010, in Rosario City, province of Santa Fe, Argentina.

The first World Yoga Championship (WYC) was held in 1989 in Montevideo – Uruguay, under the guidance of Swami Maitreyananda, whilst the First International Yoga Ásanas Championship was held in 1989 in Pondicherry – India, under the guidance of Swami Gitananda.

In Europe, there is the annual European Yoga Championships organized by the European Yoga Alliance and International Federation of Yoga Sports (IFYS). In America there is the annual American Yoga Championships organized by the Latin America Yoga Union and IFYS. Asia has the annual Asian Yoga Championships organized by the Asian Yoga Union and IFYS.

Traditional World Champions by Yoga Federation of India and Yoga Federation of Argentina are both members of the National Olympic Committee.

History of The Competition

Yoga competitions (not only ásanas) are part of India’s rich history. It is said that the Yoga Ásanas (postures) practice originated over 5,000 years ago. Yoga Competitions have been taking place for 2,000 years now, albeit in a more philosophical and spiritual form, which included other Yoga Angas. Today, it is estimated that the Yoga Competitions in their current form began about 200 years ago.

At least one Yoga Competition takes place daily in India and South America. The World Yoga Competions, in their current form, began about 22 years ago with the father of the WYC and the International Yoga Sports Movement, Swami Maitreyananda (Yogachárya Dr. Fernando Estévez-Griego). Yogachárya Maitreyananda who was the founder and creator of Artistic Yoga™ and Rhythmic Yoga – the poem and beautiful art of Yoga, was the organizer of 20 W.Y. Championships, since 1989, in Uruguay, Spain, Italy, India, Portugal, U.S.A., Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, etc.. Due to his inspiration and support, the IFYS instituted an annual World Yoga Championship since 1989, all over the World.

The aim of Yoga Sports, is not to be only an ásana competition. The competitions include Pránáyáma, Pratyáhára, Concentration, Meditation , Santosha, Maitrí, Karuná, Jnána, Spirituality and all the Yoga Angas. The objective was to introduce young people to the art and science of Yoga through the competitions. In the beginning, Yoga Sports were considered ideal for India, as no infrastructure or costly equipment would be required, and people from all walks of life could achieve so much from them.

The International Council for Yoga Sport of the IFYS is the international governing body of Yoga Sports and is based in South America, Asia and Europe.

Presidents of Yoga Sports, 1989 – 2014:

  • M.S. Vishwanth (India): 1989-1994
  • Swami Gitananda (India – Canada), President Of Honour, 1989 -1993
  • Yogachárya Dr. Fernando Estevez Griego (Sw. Maitreyananda, Uruguay), 1994-2000
  • Yogshiromani Dr. Gopal Ji (India), 2000-2008
  • Yogacharini Viviana Sapia (Argentina), 2008-2010
  • Yogacharini Eugénia Salas (Sw. Lakshmi, Argentina), 2010-2014

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Organization: Artistic Yoga International & IFYS

Date: 25 – 26 September, 2010
Location: Plaza Real Hotel, S2000AZT – Rosario City, Argentina – Santa Fe

More information:
Email: secretary@yogasports.orghotel@plazarealhotel.comT: 54 (0341) 44 08 800 – Web: –

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