UK: Introduction to Hatha Yoga with Sarah Burgess at Yoga Creation

| 09-08, 2010

London | 25th September, 2010

Sarah Burgess is leading the workshop “Introduction to Hatha Yoga – Philosophy, Postures and Pránáyáma” Yoga Creation in London.

“Ha” means Sun and “tha” means Moon, and, Hatha Yoga is about the union of opposites. Through this union, Hatha Yoga aims to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. This form of Yoga helps to build strength, stamina and flexibility whilst also allowing space for deep release and relaxation.

The workshop will introduce you to the basic principles and philosophy of Hatha Yoga and will include some pránáyáma (breathing) work as well as a series of Yoga Postures.

The workshop is both for those new to Yoga and also for anyone wanting to refamiliarise themselves with the basics of Hatha Yoga and just spend a little more time practising than a regular class allows for.

About Sarah Burgess

Yoga Teacher, 500 hour IYN (Independent Yoga Network) Recognised Training

Sarah Burgess took her first yoga class in January 2001 and was hooked immediately. She began practising for a variety of reasons, including: to relieve the ever increasing tension in her neck and shoulders, to help with an on-going health condition and to develop a greater spiritual awareness.

From being an avid student she went on to complete a four year Aurolab Yoga (500 hour) teacher training programme, whilst continuing to build her own daily practice.

Sarah came to the practice of Yoga without any previous physical training in disciplines such as dance or gymnastics, and the strength and flexibility that she now has all come from a dedicated Yoga practice. She strongly believes that anyone, whatever their physical background, can gain great benefit from a regular Yoga practice. Sarah very well understands the challenges that people can face when first beginning a Yoga practice and as a result of her own experiences she is very well equipped to help people of all abilities to develop and improve their practice in a safe and careful manner.

Sarah have practiced with and learned from many different teachers over the years and around the world including a recent 3 month stay in India studying with certified ashtánga teacher Rolf Naujokat. She would particularly like to thank the following teachers for their help, encouragement and guidance over the years: Angelika Grohmann for igniting her passion for Yoga and for continuing to be an inspiration; Sharon Matarazzo and Eileen Gauthier for taking her practice to a whole other level and Charlie Taylor Rugman for teaching her so much and sharing his very great knowledge of, and passion for, both Yoga Ásana and Yoga philosophy with her.

Sarah Burgess very much looks forward to sharing all that she has learned from these teachers and her great love of Yoga with students at Yoga Creation.

Date: 25th September, 2010
Hours: 12pm-2pm
Location: Yoga Creation – Westferry Studios, 102 Milligan Street, 3rd Floor, London E14 8AS
Value: £20

More information:
Email: 020 7517 9183 – Web:

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