UK: Intro to Satyananda Yoga 3 Week Course with Abhijeeta in London

| 08-10, 2010

London | Tuesdays, August 10, 2010

Abhijeeta, teacher of Satyananda Yoga, Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga is teaching an Introduction to Satyananda Yoga 3 week course in the Shiva & Health Centre in London. The course has started yesterday at 6.15 pm. It is an Introductory Beginners Course so, if you have thought about Yoga and want a taster, this is perfect for you.

The course works with gentle postures, introductory pránáyáma, deep relaxation & developing awareness. Theme: Developing awareness, removing blockages and awakening energy.

PLUS, there is still some space on the current course running – 3 weeks remaining….

  • Intermediate – Tues 7.3pm – Offers a deeper experience of the practices, introducing the more subtle aspects of yoga: Mudrá (psychic gestures) and Bandha (psycho-physiological locks), Chakras (energy centres) & meditation. Theme: Exploring and awakening the chakras month by month
  • Pregnancy – Wed 7pm – The aim of this class is to enhance the preparation of mother & baby; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Classes are gentle and the class content designed specifically for pregnancy. The classes will help you become more comfortable during pregnancy, prepare for labour & aid recovery once the baby is born.
  • Post-natal – Thurs 11.15am – A gentle and informal way of getting back into shape after your baby is born! Enjoy ásanas that strengthen your entire body. There will be a focus on energising the body, toning the abdominals and pelvic floor and relaxation. As the class will be more informal than a regular Yoga class, there will be room for a chat, sharing experiences and feeding, so please bring your baby with you! The classes are gentle, although targeting the specific areas that need strengthening and toning after birth.

“Yoga is far from simply being physical exercises, rather it is an aid to establishing a new way of life which embraces both inner and outer realities. However this way of life is an experience which cannot be understood intellectually and will only become living knowledge through practice and experience.” Swami Satyananda

What is Satyananda Yoga?

It is an internationally renowned system of Yoga developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and his lineage, which incorporates practices derived from ancient and traditional sources. Satyananda Yoga uses practices in a classical way, ásana (postures) to balance the body and mind through the physical body, pranayama (breathing practices) to work on the energy of the body and meditation to calm and focus the mind. It also takes a broader outlook by teaching and encouraging yogic lifestyles. Through the practice of hatha (physical) Yoga the body is purified, preparing it for the more advanced stages of Yoga.

How does Satyananda Yoga work?

Satyananda Yoga incorporates the whole person, not just the physical body – it promotes the balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit. There is an emphasis on awareness and students are encouraged to learn about all aspects of their personality through yoga. Through awakening individuals’’ awareness and inherent self-healing powers, physical diseases and mental stress can be managed and relieved. By steadying the emotions and calming the mind, a sense of perspective can be gained, bringing a feeling of peace, freedom and inner strength.

About Abhijeeta

Abhijeeta teaches Satyananda Yoga, Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga.

Abhijeeta grew up in Australia and from a young age she had a strong interest in health, meditation and complementary therapies.

She read many books on spirituality in her teenage years with a strong feeling that there must be more to understand about life. She was curious to learn and understand what all this mysterious, esoteric stuff was about. She learnt Transcendental Meditation at the age of 19 and began practising meditation daily. Later, her path led her to Yoga….

In 1995 Abhijeeta began practising Yoga regularly – she began to know her Self and have a real understanding of her life’s purpose.

The close links Yoga has to traditional Thai Yoga Massage prompted her to learn this ancient form of massage and in 2001 she qualified in this art, having completed advanced training at the London School of Thai Yoga Massage. She have never experienced any massage that quite matches the powerful effects that Thai Yoga Massage brings, which is why she’s so passionate about it and why she choose to practice only this form of massage.

In October 2002 Abhijeeta began teaching Yoga and completed the Bihar School of Yoga (Satyananda Yoga) Teaching Diploma in November 2003. She spent time studying Yoga at the Bihar Yoga Bharati in Munger, India and regularly attend Satyananda Yoga programs for inspiration. Abhijeeta holds diplomas from the Bihar School of Yoga (India) and by the British Wheel of Yoga, the governing body for Yoga in Britain.

Abhijeeta loves teaching Yoga and seeing the revitalizing, relaxing and transforming effects that Yoga has on the students (and herself !). She practices Yoga daily and she believes that Yoga is for everyone. It is her goal to pass on the ancient knowledge of Yoga to her students, so they can experience the true spirit of Yoga and begin to integrate some of this wisdom into their lives.

In 2004 Abhijeeta started Shiva Health in order to make Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage more available to all.

In 2005 she was given the spiritual name ‘Abhijeeta’ by her guru, Swami Niranjanananda. A spiritual name represents the nature of spirit with which we can identify with. It brings to the surface the connection of an individual with the inner higher nature and recognises their potential. Every time we are called by our spiritual name, more power is invested in it.

For years Abhijeeta have held the vision of creating a space where people could go and reconnect, nurture themselves and rediscover the inner-balance that can be lost in our busy lives. She wanted a place that would be open and warm and would attract people with the same vision.

In 2006, this vision became a reality with the opening of Shiva Rooms in September 2006. Shiva Rooms is a space where these values aimed at promoting health and wellbeing, are harnessed by bringing together a community of like minded individuals. As well as offering all aspects of Yoga practice: ásanas (postures); pránáyáma (breathwork); Yoganidrá (deep relaxation), meditation, sat karmas (cleansing practices) and kírtan (mantra chanting), there are a host of holistic therapies, to include various workshops and courses to nurture mind, body and soul.

Abhijeeta looks forward to sharing that space with you…

Date: Tues 10th, 2010
Hours: 6.15-7.30pm – 6.15-7.30pm (3 wks)
Location: Shiva Health, 52a Old London Road – Kingston-Upon-Thames – (orange door next to cafe JAX), KT2 6QF – London
Value: £39

More information:
Email: 07940 470 072 – 020 8549 8637 – Web:

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