UK: OSHO Vipassana Retreat in Croydon Hall, England

| 08-04, 2010

Felons Oak, Minehead, Somerset | Aug 13-15, 2010

Croydon Hall Team will lead an OSHO Vipassana Retreat on the forthcoming weekend of 13-15 August. These days are exclusively for meditation, to find out more about who you are through personal experience rather than other people’s opinions.

Vipassana is called the “middle path” – neither clinging to what we like nor rejecting the painful or uncomfortable – staying just exactly in the middle, witnessing. The dust settles, and clarity, insights and understanding arise.

Osho meditations and quotes will support the sittings. Suitable for beginners as well as those wanting to go deeper in meditation. It is a silent retreat.

The retreat will begin with Osho Kundaliní at 4 pm on Friday. The opening circle and the first Vipassana session will take place after dinner. The retreat will end around 4 pm on Sunday. There is a possibility to stay overnight after the retreat (B&B from £29).

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How Osho Vipassana Retreats Started

It must have been on one of these cold and grey days of November that I felt I needed a silent retreat. I wanted time to just be with myself and not worry about anything. No phones ringing, no deadlines, no talking. A proper holiday! So I set about looking for a weekend away. But some retreats were too far away, some were too long, for some others I could not make the dates and in the end I couldn’t find any. Then the idea came: why not organize one at Croydon Hall, especially with an empty weekend at the very beginning of the year? We’ll just put the answering machine on and plunge into a weekend of silence, Osho meditations and Vipassana sittings. An Osho Vipassana retreat for us, an Osho community, to start the New Year – what could be better?

What was better is that eighteen more people joined us, twelve of whom were beginners to Osho and meditation. Together we dived into the silence: breath coming in, breath going out, Osho Dynamic, Kundaliní, Evening Meeting and timeless Osho quotes – concise, funny and always helpful. Anchored to our breath, we were connecting to the here and now again and again and again, while eating, walking, having a tea… The weekend finished too soon and we are planning another one from the 30th April to 3rd May, a day longer, for a deeper relaxation. The longing for another taste of ourselves is evident in this restless age of ecological disasters, economical crisis, political upheavals, personal tragedies. ‘The breath is the key’ as Osho says… Read more

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Date: Aug 13-15, 2010
Hours: from 4 pm on Friday to around 4 pm on Sunday
Location: Croydon Hall, – Felons Oak, Minehead, Somerset TA24 6QT, England UK
Value: £129 all inclusive in shared accommodation

More information:
Email: (Leela)- T: 0044 (0)1984 642200 – Web:

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