UK: Midsummer Yoga Festival 2010

| 06-09, 2010

Gillingham, Dorset | June 18 – 20, 2010

The Independent Yoga Network is hosting its second Yoga Festival, which is taking place over the weekend of June 18th – 20th. Once again, there will be a wide selection of workshops, offering a balanced programme from the meditative to the very active, embracing different aspects of Yoga and its philosophy, and given by some of the most experienced teachers in the UK. We want this Festival to be an opportunity for the Yoga Community to debate and share, to practise and relax, and above all else enjoy !!!!

We are a child-friendly festival, offering Suryah Childrens Club, run by experienced volunteers; a place for children to be cared for and nurtured with a range of stimulating activities. This gives parents the opportunity to enjoy their workshops, knowing that their children are having a good time too !!

The Festival will be held at the Leela Centre in the gorgeous Dorset countryside. With 15 acres of grounds to explore, the venue offers beautiful group rooms, a range of comfortable accommodation, delicious vegetarian food and a warm and friendly atmosphere. The Leela Centre is located within 2 hours of London and with easy travel connections by road and rail.

To make a booking, and for further information please visit or contact Ellen Lee, Festival Co-ordinator, through the contacts below.

The Independent Yoga Network is a not-for-profit organisation of Yoga Teachers and Teacher Training Schools committed to maintaining and promoting the freedom, independence and integrity of Yoga. By Yogis, for Yoga !!


The IYN Festival promises to be a fascinating weekend with a very diverse range of workshops to choose from. The presenters and workshops booked are:

  • Gordon Smith: Direct experience of the koshas using the hand as gnomonic followed by relaxation
  • Cathy Stanton: Being Here! – a practical workshop based on Scaravelli’s teachings
  • Virginia Compton: Heart centred Kriyá, ásana, pránáyáma and meditation
  • Mike Gould: Dynamic Meditation and Gentle Awakening
  • Duncan Hulin: Holistic Yoga practices, from and returning to, Silence and Stillness
  • Pam Smith: Kundaliní Yoga
  • Godfrey Deveureux and Olivia Crooks: Accessing the Guru Within
  • Christopher Gladwell: Evolutionary Yoga of Radical Freedom
  • Matt Gluck: A workshop to inspire practitioners to enjoy the simple nature of breath and to appreciate its role in vitality
  • Swami Saradananda: The Power of Breath – This workshop aims to remind you of the powerful revitalizing and regenerating effects that breathing exercises can have on your body and mind. Swami Saradananda teaches worldwide and is the author of Yoga Mind and Body, Teach Yourself Yoga, Chakra Meditation, and the newly released The Power of Breath.
  • Ellen Lee: Boys and Girls come out to Play – encourage the inner child to emerge through games and practices designed to reconnect with our natural, playful energy
  • Sama Fabian: Riding the winds, standing balances and a comprehensive inversion practice using breath intelligence
  • Gerry Russell: Tantric Yoga and Sound Meditation
  • Suzy Daw: Freedom From the Known, Yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli
  • Charlie Taylor-Rugman: An introduction to the philosophy and practice of Ashtánga Yoga
  • Jim Gough: This a slow ásana / meditation class that is quite intense
  • Stefan Cartwright: Nada Yoga — The Yoga of subtle sound
  • Steve Brandon: A Taste of Freedom – The Four Noble Truths of Patanjali
  • Pete Yates: Íshvara Pranidhána: Patanjali’s devotion to life – talk and practice
  • David Sye: The Intelligence and Mechanisms of Love – creating an environment about a Yogabeats practice
  • Satyananda: ‘Primal Yoga’ has come into being through Satsangas with Satyananda
  • Simon Hunt: ‘Yoga in Mental Health And Substance Addiction’ A description of teaching Yoga in a psychiatric hospital and the wider community setting
  • Jude Murray: Celtic Yoga; working with ásana, breath, chant, gentle energy work and ritual
  • Dr. Lea Brindle: ‘Round Table’: an opportunity for yogins and yoginís to come together and share in their curiosity and experience of Yoga

The full programme is available at:

Date: June 18th – 20th, 2010
Location: Leela Centre, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, SP8 4RE – Gillingham, Dorset
Hours: Friday 18th, 17h30 to  Sunday 20th,15h30

More information:
Email: 0208 950 8622 (Ellen Lee – Festival Co-ordinator) – 0845 6125511 (Leela Centre) – Web:

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