Portugal: Bhúmi Pújana in Lisbon by Shastriji Ramniklal Dave

| 11-19, 2009

Portugal: Bhumi Pujan in Lisbon by Shastriji Ramniklal DaveLisbon | November 28, 2009

For the first time in Portugal a Bhúmi Pújana will be performed. It will be conducted by Shastriji Ramniklal Dave, at 5, Largo Menino de Deus, Lisbon, on the anniversary date in which Krishna taught Arjuna, as told in the Bhagavad Gítá.

In Hindu tradition the Earth is not an inert entity, it is infused with life force that the Hindus personalize in a deity called Bhúmi (also called Bhúmi Deví, Bhúma Deví or Bhú Deví).

Human activities disrupt the Earth and its life force by the actions of planting, harvesting and construction. At such times human beings ask permission to Bhúmi and seek her blessing of prosperity by performing the Bhúmi Pújana.

Earth is considered as our Mother, who nourishes and sustains us. Earth is where we live and prosper, and so we have to thank the Earth, the objective of this Pújana. Every day when we wake up, before landing a foot on the ground, we should welcome the Earth. As we reflect in peace, we realize how much the Earth gives us, and how beautiful God’s creations on earth are – mountains, rivers, oceans, forests, cities, nations, people, animals, plants and everything that exists on Earth.

BhudeviBefore starting any new construction, Bhúmi Pújana should be done on the site where the building or home will be built, to remove any defects of the land itself, so that the construction has a longer life and be protected. By doing this Pújana, we try to please Mother Earth, asking the following blessing “Oh Mother Earth! Protects us, keep our building stable, even if there are earthquakes, may our building not suffer damages.” The next step will be the “Vastupújá” at the end of construction for the protection of the building, and for the inhabitants of that building to acquire peace, health and happiness.

Puja: Bhúmi Pújana

Date: November 28, 2009

Location: Largo Menino de Deus nº 5, Lisbon, Portugal

More information and registration:

Email: jagrutidave1980@hotmail.comT: 00351 21 1530148 – M: 00351 933733288 (Shastriji) – M: 00351967773161 (Jagruti)

Web: sabedoriavedica.blogs.sapo.pt

Editor’s Note: In Buddhism, Bhúmi refers to the ten steps the bodhisattva goes through in the path to become a Buddha (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhumi).

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