Europe: Amma is visiting Europe

| 10-28, 2009

Europe: Amma is visiting EuropeOctober 5 to November 13, 2009

Mara Sri Amritanandamayi, affectionately known as Amma or Mother, revered around the world as an outstanding humanitarian and spiritual leader of our time, is visiting Europe.

Her visit to Europe began on October 5th in Helsinki, and she has already visited Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, England and France. Amma will still visit:

  • October 29-31 – Munich, Germany.
  • November 2-4 – Toulon, France.
  • November  6-8 – Milan, Italy.
  • November  11-13 – Barcelona, Spain.

Amma greets each person, hugs, comforts and encourages thousands every day. Amma’s love is unconditional, regardless of beliefs or the particular reasons each one has. Many come to hear her speak, listen to her unique devotional singing, or simply to be in her presence.

Who is Amma?

Mara Sri Amritanandamayi, affectionately known as Amma or Mother, is revered throughout the world as an outstanding humanitarian and spiritual leader of our time. Her simple and profound message of love and service has inspired, elevated and united people of all nationalities and beliefs, to revive their essential unity of the Spirit. With her global vision, Amma works tirelessly on behalf of individuals and communities by means of her spiritual activities and humanitarian projects.

What are the spiritual beliefs of Amma?

Although she was born in the heart of the hindu culture and many of the rituals and external symbols belong to this tradition, Amma is not connected to any formal religion. Whenever she is asked, she says her religion is Love. Throughout her life, and her work Amma guides people to this fundamental truth. “Love has no limitations of caste, religion, race or nationality,” says Amma. “We’re all beads together in the same string of love. To recognize this unity and to transmit it to others the love that is inherent to our nature is the real purpose of human life. With no doubt, love is the only religion that can help humanity to rise to this great and glorious goal.”

More information about Amma and Amma’s European  Tour: and

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  1. dev says:

    when all the thought waves subside in your mind ( which is not as easy as we say !) that person becomes embodiment of peace and every cell in their body vibrates with divine love and energy. We can experiance this if atleast once be in Amma’s presence.Only the lucky ones get there.Other’s waste their chances arguing,speculating or by their own mis-conceptions.It’s a pity,I’ll say, that when a mahatma is living most people don’t get to them and when they pass away,physically, people start building churches,mosques and temples and pray ! how wonderful is this !!! But it’s not their fault to some extend,because now a days everywhere u can see spiritual leaders mushrooming around, so doubt is obvious.But i should say , can’t u just visit once and see to it and then speak around. If u cannot come and see for urself what right is one having to speak of somebody else ? Clearly,When the need arises there comes a mahatma to you… All you need is to open up a bit.A tiny bit…

  2. Grand Yoga says:

    @dev Thank you for your comment. Om Shanti !

  3. rouademunte says:

    I do not understand why Mara Sri Amritanandamayi did not come in Romania too..?