Spain: Swami Dayananda in Granada and Madrid

| 10-01, 2009

Spain: Swami Dayananda in Granada and Madrid Granada | 13 and 14 October – Madrid | 15 October – 2009

Shri Pujya Swami Dayananda visits Spain in October and will give lectures and teachings in Granada and Madrid.

Swami DayanandaPujya Shri Swami Dayananda Saraswati, is an Indian Grand Master that is 80 years old, one of the last descendants of the lineage of grand masters of the Himalayas, and is an acclaimed expert of “Vedanta” (teaching that reveals the nature of oneself). Swamiji has been teaching the Vedic philosophy in India for over five decades and around the world since 1976.

In Granada, Swami Dayananda will visit the “Casa Yoga” – Dharmalaya Áshrama – Vedic Foundation for the Diffusion of Dharma. He will be fulfilling the promise to visit this ashram he had made to Pujya Gurudeva Swami Tilak – indian acclaimed master – in 1984, months before he leaved this plan of existence.

After the disappearance of Swami Tilak, the karma remained pending until this year 2009 his disciple Swami Shri Swami Shankara Tilakananda was received and honoured by Swami Dayananda in his áshrama in Rishikesh. At this meeting, Swami Dayananda revealed to him the promise he had made, and thanks to his appearance had found the bridge in order to fulfill what was said to Swami Tilak.

Swami Tilak and Swami Shankara Tilakananda


October 13 – Granada

Public Conference

The soul and God

Date & Time: Tuesday, October 13, 20 h.

Admission: Free – Donations are accepted

Location: UGR-Universidad de Granada – Complejo Administrativo Triunfo – Cuesta del Hospício, s / n. Granada, Spain

October 14 – Granada


Workshop 1 – Dharma in daily life

Dharma represents the highest values of the culture and spirituality of ancient India. It is the natural law “which holds” life.

Learn to live according to ancient Vedic Dharma teachings, expressed with simplicity, clarity and depth.

A meditation session with the Master is included. Option of questions and answers.

Hours: 10:30 – Duration 3 hours

Location: Academia Yoga, Granada Center – c / Recogidas, 27, 4 – Granada – Getting there

Workshop 2-Nirvana

Nirvana is the highest state of spiritual awareness. The Great Masters teach us how to approach the knowledge of our Inner Being, through their wisdom.

A meditation session with the Master is included. Option of questions and answers.

Hours: 20h00 – 3 hours duration

Location: Casa de Yoga – Granada Zaidín, Avenida Garcia Lorca, 8. Las Caserías. Next to the Parque de la Salud – Getting there.

Price information and registration:

October 15 – Madrid

Public Conference

What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is a teaching methodology and an knowledge instrument (pramana), which aims to reveal the nature of oneself, demonstrating, testing and making see through the understanding that the Self is truly free from any limitation.

Where to learn Vedanta?

Traditionally, the Vedanta has to be studied under the guidance of a competent teacher in teaching the methodology and the assimilation and transmission of the conveyed knowledge.

Swami Dayananda is a master of traditional Advaita Vedanta (non-dual). Swamiji teaches the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gítá, etc.. following the original texts in Sanskrit which include the comments of Sankara-Acharya.

Hours: 19h30-20h30 Conference – 20h45-21h30 Questions and Answers

Venue: Centro Mandala – C / Cabeza 15, Madrid

Price: € 15

Information and registration:

Yoga Flow T: 91 842 97 70 – Email:

Organization: Flow Yoga and Grupo de estudio de Bhagavad Gítá

Organization and Information:



Flow Yoga and Grupo de estudio de Bhagavad Gítá

T: 91 842 97 70 – Email: – Web:

Sponsored by: Vaidika Pratisthána – Fundación Védica de España

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