UK: Systemic Solutions with Martyn Carruthers

| 08-11, 2009

Dorking – Surrey, UK | September 4 – 7, 2009

Martyn Carruthers, the founder of Soulwork systemic coaching to provide professional assistance to people wanting to resolve relationship problems in partnership, teams and families, will teach his Systemic Solutions coach training course at the Kripalu Yoga Centre in Dorking – Surrey. Martyn is author of an article entitled Systemic Solutions and Relationship Yoga, where he where uses Yoga concepts to introduce a Relationship Yoga.

Martyn Carruthers will be joining Kripalu Centre throughout the upcoming year teaching his Systemic Solutions coach training course. The first two weekends in September will be the first of these workshops, with more to follow later in the year.

How many people cannot answer the question “What do you want?” clearly. Many people are so entangled in relationships that they cannot focus on personal goals. In this first segment of systemic coach training you can learn how to recognize many types of relationship entanglements and how to start clarifying those entanglements.

After clarification, most people can better discuss their goals, and plans for achieving their goals. For some people, this is all the systemic coaching they need to move ahead in their lives. For others, systemic diagnosis provides a summary of which relationships need what sort of attention, which forms a basis for a relationship coaching plan. And for a few, systemic diagnosis can show that you would be wise to refer them to other helping professionals.

Systems 1 Coach Training is a foundation for coaching people to resolve relationship difficulties. You can apply these skills at home, in education, therapy or business, and you can balance excellence at work with harmony at home as you learn to use systemic coaching skills to:

  1. Develop clear relationships
  2. Remain flexible in times of crisis and change
  3. Develop focused action plans to fulfill well-defined goals
  4. Develop essential coaching and authentic leadership skills
  5. Improve your performance and satisfaction as you enhance your strengths

This workshop can be taken as a stand alone workshop or as the first segment of the complete Systemic Solutions taught by Martyn. If you enroll for both systems 1 & 2 simultaneously, the cost for the two weekends will be reduced to £240.

Event: Systemic Solutions with Martyn Carruthers – Systems 1: Relationships

Dates & Time:

  • Friday, September 4th 7pm-9pm
  • Saturday, September 5th 11am-7pm
  • Sunday, September 6th 11am-7pm

Price: £125

Location: The Kripalu Centre, The Warehouse, South House, 21-37 South Street, RH4 2JZ Dorking-Surrey, United-Kingdom

Registration and contacts:


Telef: 01306 882 563


More information about Soulwork Systemic Solutions can be found at:

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