Portugal: Meeting with Peter Kupfer with Yoga Practice and Study of the Bhagavad

| 03-28, 2009

Consolação (Peniche) – Portugal | 10 to 12 April 2009 

Ângela Sundari, Peter Kupfer and Espaço Prána invite you to an intensive 3-day meeting, which combines traditional practices of Yoga with the study of the Bhagavad Gítá. The Gítá is a work of immeasurable value, largely admired for its wide and deep complexity and remains as the most important text that influences the thinking of Indian. Major themes are portrayed there like the universal limitations of the human being, the anxieties, the ignorance (about the real nature of who we are). But there is also another extremely crucial factor: the exit for those anguishes and pains are also shown there, as the Gítá is accurate in stating that, for the inevitable, there is a solution. The study of the text is essential to the understanding of yoga today and the ideal relashionship that we can establish with it, so that we can grow internally.

About Pedro Kupfer

Pedro was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Today with 42 years of age, he found Yoga at his 16 and from that moment on he never stopped practicing. He considers Yoga more a way of life than simply an activity that is done within a room. He traced a long trajectory in the world of Yoga, being an enthusiastic practitioner, teacher and writer of 7 books on this philosophy and going drinking from the source of Yoga, India, from very early. 


Day 10

15:00 Arrival and welcome

16:30 Initial Practice: ásana, yoganidrá, pránáyáma, meditation.

19:30 Dinner 

21:00 Satsanga and kírtan

Day 11

08:00 Morning Practice

09:30 Breakfast 

11:00 Reflection and study 

13:00 Lunch 

14:00 Free time 

15:00 Reflection and study 

17:00 Practice

19:30 Dinner 

21:00 Satsanga and kírtan

Day 12

08:00 Morning Practice

09:30 Breakfast 

10:30 Reflection and study 

11:00 Practice Kírtan and foreclosure 

13:00 Farewell


Event: Consolação Beach (Portugal) – Meeting with Peter Kupfer

Date: 10 to 12 April 2009

Hours: Day 10: Arrival 15:00 am – Day 12: Farewell 13:00 pm

Location: Golf Hotel Atlantico – Praia da Consolação (Peniche – Portugal)

Language: Portuguese

Organization: Espaço Prána

Contact: 21 314 93 15 – 91 937 25 38     Email: yoga@yogaespacoprana.com

More Information: www.espacoprana.com      www.yoga.pro.br

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