Lisbon: Mantra and Talk by Puruchatraya Swami

| 01-23, 2009

    Saturday, January 24, 2009, in the opening of the International Course of Teachers of Integral Yoga given by the Association of Integral Yoga of Portugal, Puruchatraya Swami was invited to intone Mantras and to utter a lecture on Mantra.

Mantra Yoga being part of the matter of study of the course, as well as the practice of mantras of several philosophical schools, for example buddhists, hindus or other, the organization of the course brings, whenever possible, specialists in the matter that is versed during the module.

In this way, next Saturday 24, leading off the first module of 2009, Puruchatraya Swami is invited (Master Hare Krisna).

Puruchatraya Swami is specialist in mantra, in sanscrit and in Baghavad Gítá, being very considered internationally and recognized as having an exceptional voice, having several records.

Those whom are interested may participate for free and may take friends and family.  

Event: Lisbon: Mantra and Talk by Puruchatraya Swami

Date: January 24, 2009

Hours: 17:00 – 19H00

Location: Association of Integral Yoga of Portugal, Av de Madrid, 28 – 1º Dtº – 1000-196 Lisbon, Portugal

Language: Portuguese

Contacts: Telef: 00351 21 848 56 90 (Telef/Fax) – Tlm: 91 405 45 52 (2ªs, 4ªs and 6ªs from 15:00 to 17:00)

Cost: Free

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