Portugal: OnTheBeach Hostel – Yoga & Surf – Areia Branca Beach

| 06-11, 2012

Areia Branca Beach, Lisbon | 11 June, 2012

OnTheBeach Hostel aims to be a different proposition. As a concept, it is not a hostel, not a school of Yoga and is not a surf school, although it is all this.

It is a proposal where all these “tools” merge into a multifaceted concept that aims to take us to get in touch with our inner being, the true Self.

It is a place where access to the teaching and the practice will always be available to all persons or groups from any tradition, who want to learn, practice, or simply relax and recharge batteries in an environment that is intended to be a school for deepening consciousness.

About Our Approach to Yoga

The Natha Tradition (creator of Hatha Yoga) through the vision of Krishnamacharya, is the yogi lineage we practice and teach in its therapeutic and transcendental perspective.

Surf is used as a powerful tool that puts us immediately in a suspended state of mind, although we are more alert than ever. It’s a real dynamic meditation that gives us the exact perspective of what will be like to act through intuition.


About the Hostel

The hostel, located in Praia da Areia Branca (White Sand Beach), 45 minutes away from Lisbon, is the basis that will allow all knowledge to be acquired with a maximum comfort and well-being (our denser bodies deserve that) in an idyllic site by that by itself alone invites introspection.

Through unorthodox ways is our intention to teach Orthodox Yoga, creating an environment that is an oasis that stands above  day-to-day turbulence.

You Are Welcome! Namaskar!


OnTheBeach Hostel

Rua António José do Vale, Vivenda Roseiral, 29  –  Praia da Areia Branca
2530-213 Lourinhã

Start: Seg, 11-Jun-2012
 infopabhostel@gmail.com – Web: www.onthebeachhostel.com – T: +351 91 318 51 55

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