UK: Yoga Groove Festival 2010 in Seaford, East Sussex

| 09-04, 2010

Seaford, East Sussex | 17 – 19 September, 2010

The Yoga Groove Festival 2010 will take place in Seaford, East Sussex and offers a marvelous choice of classes/workshops by top Yoga Teachers and practitioners. The event is half festival, half Yoga Retreat: 100% delicious + delightful for the mind, body, heart and soul.

It’s a celebration and exploration benefiting the Yoga Groove Foundation: this is a festival with a big heart. All proceeds go to a new foundation that brings Yoga and Meditation to young people and other under-served groups across the UK.


Friday Night, 17 Set

5pm Gates Open – Setting up and Getting in

Yoga Villa – Official opening and group welcome with Lisa S. & Gavin Bonner

Delicious dinner and drinks (for sale), music with Manoj Shiva

Shakti Stage – Prana-Motion Ecstatic-Dance with Keef Miles & David Kellet, Indian music with Manoj Siva followed by DJ Dance party with DJ Alex Rhodes and friends

Each day there are a choice of events. Please arrive on time for a class to ensure a place (no pre-booking). When you have had your fill for the day you can take walks along the cliffs or by the seaside, we will have a catering tent for chinwags. In the evenings we all gather together by the Shakti Stage for dancing, singing and shaking your chakras together.

Saturday, 18 Sep

Yoga Villa

09h00 Breakfast Bhakti Beats with Clare Beagley & DJ Alex Rhodes

10h30 yoga with drums Lisa Sanfilippo & Gavin Bonner

13h00 Dynamic yoga with Leela Miller

15h00 Anusara yoga with Marc Holzman.

17h00 AcroYoga with Jesse Saunders & Jaqui Wan

Bodymind Garage

10h30 lntroduction to Meditation with Jillian Lavender

13h00 Holistic Healing with Annie Webb

17h00 Yoga Chillout with Graham Burns

Karma Kitchen

13h00 Chocolate making workshop with Laura Coxeter

17h00 Keralan Cooking with Das Sreedharan, Rasa Restaurants

Catering Tent

Breakfast (free for campers and Florence House residents)

Delicious and healthy snacks throughout the day on sale

12noon Lunch on sale by Pura Vida & Rasa Restaurants

18h30 dinner on sale by Pura Vida & Rasa Restaurants

Shakti Stage

19h30 Kírtan with Jason Kalidas and Narayani

20h30 Alchemy in Movement Dance with Caroline Carey

Sunday, 19 Set

Yoga Villa

10h00 Vinyasa Flow with Rebecca Parker

12h30 Hot Power Yoga with Dylan Ayaloo

14h30 Anusara Yoga with Bridget Woods-Kramer accompanied by Rivkah

Bodymind Garage

10h00 The Breathing Space – pránáyáma with Naomi Seager

12h30 Healing workshop with Leila Sadeghee & Aashka Cartwright

Kids Space

10h00 Mandala magic crafts + kids yoga

14h30 Storytelling with Gavin Bonner+ kids yoga

Karma Kitchen

10h00 Keralan Gooking with Das Sreedharan

12h30 Raw food living talk with Kate Magic

Catering Tent

Breakfast provided for happy campers and Florence House residents.

Delicious and healthy snacks throughout the day on sale.

12 noon Lunch on sale by Pura Vida & Rasa

Shakti Stage

5pm Final chant with Nikki Slade

6pm Gates close

About the Yoga Groove Foundation

YGF is founded by a group of people who have had successful careers in various industries and chose to take up teaching Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Healing because of their first hand experience of how it transformed their lives, their health, and their ability to serve others. Yoga and Meditation are strong, scientifically-documented methods for improving health and well-being, relieving stress, tension and pain, and increasing perspective, calm, and social conscience.

The guiding ethos of the festival and its foundation are those of sharing a spirit of celebration that connects body, mind and spirit within each of us, and links heart to heart in community. Team YGF has a great laugh, tons of fun, lots of zany ideas and the passion, drive and know-how to work together with lots of great people and organisations to make good things happen.

The Yoga Groove Festival brings the spirit of community and creativity in to the World by funding the Yoga Groove Foundation, an innovative new trust, giving people the tools to flourish in life, from the inside out.

The Mission

Is to introduce Yoga and Meditation to young people and communities across the UK who would not have exposure to this valuable life tool, whether that’s communities in London that are considered ‘deprived’ or rural areas where there is less ability for teachers and students to connect.

How it works

The foundation will give grants and training resources to qualified, enthusiastic Yoga Teachers who are inspired to set up projects or classes to teach young people and those less able to afford Yoga or Meditation lessons, including people with disabilities and pregnant women on low incomes. You can help make a difference through the power and potential of Yoga and Meditation by donating to the Yoga Groove Foundation, by applying to run a Yoga outreach program, or by volunteering your time, either to help with the festival, year-round events, or running the Foundation.

Support Needed

The Yoga Groove Foundation needs the support of big-hearted, smart corporations and individuals who see the value of transforming the lives of young people and those at an economic or physical disadvantage through awareness, integration and exercise of body, mind and spirit. Major donors can choose to be acknowledged at the festival, in the program, and on our web site, or they can choose to give quietly.

Date: 17th – 19th September, 2010
Hours: Gates Open at 5pm On Friday, and Close at 5pm on Sunday
Location: Seaford, East Sussex
Value: Kids under 12 come free

More information:
Email: info@yogagroovefestival.comWeb:

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