Spain: Kundalini Yoga Festival Galicia 2010

| 07-27, 2010

Antas de Ulla, Lugo – Galicia | August 10 – 15, 2010

AEKY Delegation of Galicia (Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga) is organizing a new edition of the “Festival de Kundalini Yoga” in Galicia.

“One more year, from AEKY and the Delegation of Galicia, we want to share with you our joy, enthusiasm and excitement, offering you a festival full of workshops, music, dance, laughter and lots of healing.

One more year, we are pleased to share with you a moment and a place to meet, to grow together, to feel and relate to our soul, as well as our body and mind.

One more year to enjoy the presence of amazing masters and teachers, who will bring clarity and different perspectives for further progress in this adventure that’s life.

Being aware that every moment is unique and unrepeatable, we can only encourage you to share this unique and unrepeatable moment that we offer from the heart to enjoy together in this magical place which is “A casa da terra.”

It is each of you what encourages us to continue improving year after year. Without you, it would not be the same, it wouldn’t just be possible.

Thank you everybody, we await you with open arms!!”
AEKY Delegation of Galicia


Daily Sádhana

– Surinder Singh and Jasvir Kaur – Naad Yoga
– Shiv Charan Singh – Karam Kriya
– Satya Kaur – Drama and Myth Creative Expression
– Adelina Gamallo – Sat Nam Rasayan (yogic healing technique)
– Bachan Singh – Learning to be present
– Hari Nam Kaur and Sjoors Daamen – The Water Tattva. Emotions and Consciousness
– Raghurai Singh – The power of courage is transformed energy of fear
– Maite Alonso – Shakti Dance
– Sat Jeet Kaur – Eye Yoga
– Ivan Prado – Laughter Therapy
– Toño Gonzalez – Couples Yoga and Yoga Nidrá
– Hari Manit Kaur – Detoxify from your ghosts and dare to be reborn
– Sílvia Justo – Mandalas


  • Meditations and Kundalini Yoga classes daily
  • Live Music and singing
  • Yogic Fiesta on Saturday night
  • Children’s activities

Date: August 10 – 15, 2010
Location: a casa da terra, PortoCarreiro – Alvidrón en Antas de Ulla, Lugo – Galicia – Spain

More information:
Email: festivalgalicia@aeky.esacasadaterra@yahoo.esT: 660 037 800 – 982 173 954 – 657 669 575S (a casa da terra) – Web:

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