Italy: Yogafestival Rome

| 06-01, 2010

Rome – Villa Pamphili | June 4, 5 and 6, 2010
The Italian Associazione T.A.O. is organizing the third edition of Yogafestival Rome. The event takes place in Cascina Farsetti – Villa Pamphili and will Explore knowledge and reflection among many teachers, seminars and workshops. Read below about the rich program of the Festival.

Friday June, 4

  • “The One in the Sound” – Meeting with the Dharma. A meditation on music led by Oscar Bonelli
  • “Yoga in the school – Let’s make the point!” – A morning of meeting and seminaries introduced by Willy Van Lysebeth
  • “Guru: The foundation of Indian civilization” – The importance of a guide on the path of personal quest is the theme of the meeting with Prof. Antonio Rigopoulos

Saturday, June 5

  • The Vedic chanting, a practice to rediscover harmony with oneself and with the universe through the ancient sounds, By Marina Laurenzana
  • Presentation of the book by Eric Baret “L’Unico Desiderio: Nella Nudità del Tantra” in English “The Only Desire In the Nakedness of Tantra”. The meeting will be conducted by Stefania Redini and Gioia Lussana that will lead a short practice of Kashmir Tantric Yoga learned from the Master
  • “How many of us are eagerly wanting to open a center dedicated to their Yoga Teacher, or a tradition? Gianni Da Re Lombardi, expert in communication, web marketing and advertising and, in addition, Yoga teacher, will discuss the subject.
  • “Philosophy of Yoga” by Georg Feuerstein. A book that explains the aims, methods and metaphysical system of Yoga with a method of interpretation internal to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Prof. Blessed Edward will conduct the meeting with brief practice

Sunday, June 6

  • Sri Aurobindo: “An Adventure of Consciousness” – A meeting/projection with director David Montemurro, who lived  for long years in Auroville and, for his particular spiritual quest, is considered to hold the wisdom of enlightened masters Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
  • Theoretical and practical Conference on the “New Perspectives on Yoga in the Light of Quantum Physics” conducted by Guru Shabad. A fascinating topic that combines science and spirituality.
  • Not to be missed is the encounter with Paramahamsa Swamiji Yogananda Giri, dedicated to the Yoga Upanishad: Past and Future, Timeless Knowledge. A hug for a world of unity and peace.
  • And, for those who do not know yet, “virtual meeting” with Amma. Amma Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is a hindu spiritual leader and teacher, honoured as a saint by her followers, known as Amma, Mother, the saint that embraces, widely respected for her humanitarian activities. The festival, will present two films on her humanitarian work.


Are you two…? Or would like to be?

There will be a shared practice: Involve your partner, friend, son, husband … Acrobatic Yoga, Trekking Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Yoga Nidra, or for those seeking a more intimate moment, the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh. In pairs is better !

Body Heat? It happens in Bikram Yoga: the style of the moment, still little known in Italy but widespread abroad, it is practiced in a heated room to melt the muscles and feel fluid. Isabella Zuanelli Ponso, certified Bikram teacher, introduces the basics of Hot Yoga.

Are you sensitive? Yoga Journal and Sorgenia have prepared a spot for you to learn Sensitive Yoga, a sequence of positions that call for energy production, designed by the teacher Francesca Hezi.

Check the Program of Yogafestival Rome Online !

Date: June 4, 5 and 6, 2010
Location: Cascina Farsetti, Via Leone Xiii 75 – Villa Pamphili, 00165 – Rome

More information:
Association T.A.O. – Email: info@yogafestival.itromayogafestival@gmail.comT: +39 02 422501 – +39 349 3899513 – Web:

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