Portugal: Essentials of Qi Gong by Peter Tadd

| 10-21, 2009

Portugal: Essentials of Qi Gong by Peter Tadd Almancil – Algarve | October 24,  2009

Peter Tadd, clairvoyant healer and teacher of Chinese Qi Gong, will be at Quinta da Calma for a teaching on Qi Gong.

Qi is the basic power that forms and drives the universe, the life force in all living things. This is an ancient teaching now being revived. Dong Zhong Shu (179-104BC) believed that, although the Universe seems ‘empty’, qi is everywhere. He said, “like fish in water, we are immersed in a sea of invisible essential energy, which carries one and all along a common current”.  It is bio-energy and is intelligent.  It feels warm and magnetic.

Gong means to “work” or to “practice”. It is skill, a way to consciously send out negative energy, or “stale” qi and absorb good healing qi through gates in the body, hands and feet. Qi Gong is a gentle way to exercise the body and mind. A series of standing postures with a continual focus on slow movement stretching muscles while gathering qi from all directions. These meditative movements restore our vital energy, will create inner calm and can over time develop spiritual wisdom.

Hours: 9:30-17h

Values: € 60 – Students € 30

Location: Quinta da Calma – Pavilion –  Almancil, Algarve, Portugal

Registration and more information:

Contact Reception

Email: info@quintadacalma.comT: 289 393 741 – Web: www.quintadacalma.com

More about Peter Tadd: www.petertadd.com

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