Italy – International Training Course On Yoga Techniques At School: Yoga – The Mirror of Peace

| 07-01, 2009

Acireale – Sicily – Italy | July 25th – 31st, 2009

The EURYE – European Union of Research on Yoga in Education – is holding the next International Training Course On Yoga Techniques at School in Acireale – Sicily – Italy.

Research on Yoga in Education is the implementation of simple yoga techniques adapted for the classroom to help manage the energies of pupils and teachers alike, to promote effective learning. These RYE techniques can be used from nursery to university and linked directly with educational values.

About RYE and EURYE

RYE was born in France in1978 and was founded by Micheline Flak. She was an English teacher in a Parisian middle school and was also a yoga practitioner and teacher. Her experience of yoga began to influence her English lessons and through various experiments of incorporating yoga instruction in the classroom she became deeply interested in the way yoga enhanced the whole learning process. Micheline’s experience of yoga comes from the Satyananda tradition – a holistic approach, integrating all aspects of being; here she learned the systematic relaxation of Yoga Nidra™, developed from an ancient practice by Swami Satyananda to make it accessible and useful for modern man.

Therefore RYE has its roots in ancient yogic tradition, and its basis is centred on 6 principles that are relevant and effective tools for the modern classroom. RYE uses simple yoga techniques – postures, breathing, relaxation and concentration in small amounts throughout the lesson to improve learning, by unifying the body with the mind, creating amity within the class, amongst both peers and teacher.

More and more research is constantly being explored on the complexity of how individuals learn and schools are often implementing new methods. This in itself can often be draining for teachers who already have a multitude of tasks to perform. The key to RYE is that the teacher experiences yoga and RYE techniques for themselves to help harmonise both body and mind, enabling them to use the techniques more effectively.

EURYE was formed in 2000, and extended to non-European countries. It includes Officially France, Italy, United Kingdom and Portugal. Greece, Spain and Norway are also among the countries where the RYE techniques are taught. Since 2007, RYE Uruguay was created originated by International conventions for the countries of Latin America, ensuring the relay of RYE techniques to Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Micheline Flak is regularly invited to transmit her teaching in Israel. In 2007, she went to Bangalore, Madras and Calculata, to conduct RYE courses.


Trainers in Rye Techniques

  • RYE Belgium: Geneviève Naert and Kathleen Bonnevie. Secondary school teacher – Psychomotor therapist
  • RYE France: Michelle Lavergne and Jack Benoît. Kindergarten teacher – Psychomotor therapist
  • RYE Italy: Mirella Perlasca and Carlo Livio. Primary school teacher – Secondary school teacher
  • RYE United Kingdom: Kerry Gallagher and Lynn Parrott. Secondary school art teacher – Primary school teacher

Activity Leaders for the Afternoon Workshops

  • Martine Giammarinaro, yoga teacher.
  • Silvia Gramigna, art historian.
  • Colette Larcanché, art therapist.
  • France Mondor, relaxation and biosynergy therapist.
  • Yoga Nidrá, Micheline Flak (in English) and Véra Mainini (in French).


  • Micheline Flak, founder of RYE, co-author of the book Des enfants qui réussissent with Jacques de Coulon. “Story telling in class”.
  • Jacques de Coulon, headmaster in a high-school in Switzerland, philosopher and author of several books on learning processes. “Yoga in the West today”.
  • Antonio Nuzzo, one of the yoga pioneers in Italy, specialized in yoga for teenagers, trainer in Italy and abroad. “The spiritual dimension of hatha-yoga – a process of growth towards an overall purification”.

Schedule of Day

7 am Yoga Session

8 am Breakfast

9 am -12 pm Training Course on Yoga Techniques at School.

Workshops will be given in English, Italian and French.

12 : 30 pm Lunch

3 pm – 5 pm Workshop Chosen (See the registration form)

6 pm Yoga Nidrá, a Technique of Transformation

7 pm Dinner

Sunday morning : Lectures.

Tuesday afternoon : Free time.

Thursday night : Party organized by the group.

Hosting: Saturday, July 25th, from 2 pm.

Programme starting: at 5 pm.

Ending : Friday, July 31st after lunch.

More information:

REGISTRATION & contact in Belgium:

Kathleen Bonnevie 0032 (0)10689546

Contact in France: Véra Mainini 00 33 (0)679412329

Contact in Italy:

Contact in the United Kingdom: Lynn Parrott 0044 (0)2086 93 46 03

Contact in Portugal: Teresa Messeder

Web sites:

Location: La Perla Ionica Hotel

See also other events by: EURYE

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  1. Nalini Sahay says:

    I am a disciple of Swami Satyanand Saraswati and I would like to connect with Micheline Flak who I met years ago.I teach Prana Healing at Yoga Vidya in Germany.I have specialised in meditation practices and have been teaching Yoga for 30 years.
    I work with runaway homeless children in India and have taught them vipa asana which has enabled them to become more attentive.