Portugal: Photographic Exhibition and Mantra Concert

| 02-13, 2009

February, 28 2009 | Baixa da Banheira – Portugal

The Espaço Cultural Áshram Pashupati, under the auspices of the Center of Oriental Arts, sponsors one more mantra concert and inaugurates a photographic exhibition. 

The mantra concert will be interpreted by the coral Rájas Agni of the Department of mantra of this school and inaugurates a photographic exhibition, referring to what they call “their Culture”, with aspects of their work of the last years. This work seeks, at the same time, to promote the values of the Yoga Philosophy, as it is understood and lived by this school. The exhibition is called “Visions (dárshana).”

The first part of the concert will be filled out with a choir driven by Conductor Horácio Marques.

More detailed information only in Portuguese.

Event: Photographic exhibition / Mantra Concert

Date: February, 28 2009

Hours: 21h 30

Location: Espaço Cultural Áshram Pashupati, Ginásio Atlético Clube, Rua do Ginásio, n.º 18, 2835-104 Baixa da Banheira

Contacts: Tel. 21 204 15 20, www.adyashtanga.org

Direction: João Camacho, Yôgachárya.

Organization: Espaço Cultural Áshram Pashupati; Centre of Oriental Arts.

Cost: Free admission

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