Portugal: SWAMI MUKTI in Lisbon – Beyond Yoga – Learning Life with a Yogi

| 09-30, 2018

Lisbon | 06-10 October, 2018

   SWAMI MUKTI in – Beyond Yoga – Learning Life with a Yogi in Lisbon.

Living in India for 16 years under the direct training of a Himalayan Master, Swami Mukti learned that only the postures of the mind will allow you to truly transform and feel light.

His training didn’t just involve stretching the body, but to develop a flexible mind. What does this mean in practical terms though? And why is ego the subtle saboteur of our growth and fulfillment?

Join Swami Mukti for this special weekend to remind ourselves what Yoga is really all about.


Saturday, Oct 6th

10:00 – 12:30  WORK RESTFULLY

If your downward-facing dog makes you feel zen for the moment, but the next morning me@overwhelm.com is back in your inbox – it’s time to take Yoga off the mat and into the office. Swami Mukti will show you how.


“To be like the shadow that passes through water without getting wet – that passes through fire without getting burnt.”

Yoga encourages us to let go of the many factors in our life which diminish our peace and creativity, including limiting habits and conditionings. Learn how to let go and enter into the joy and clarity of the present moment, embracing life and death fully.

Sunday, Oct 7th


Swami Mukti will introduce you to one of the most ancient sciences for healing and spiritual awakening: Prana Vidya.

Open your awareness to the five major energy flows pervading your body through in-depth meditation. Learn to stimulate each prana and their corresponding body systems using breath, mudrá, visualisation and sound. Begin to remove energetic blocks at the most subtle level. (2 hrs lunch break from 13.00 – 15.00)

SWAMI MUKTI is a modern day yogi, international mentor and author of ‘The Forgotten Gurus’. He lived in India for 16 years and with 40 years of experience living and sharing Yoga, you can expect an ancient wisdom paired with practical advice, humor and compassion.




€ 25 per workshop on Saturday
€ 50 all day Saturday or Sunday
€ 80 whole weekend


60 min €50.00 (available by appointment)
Receive a personalized program, lifestyle advice and insights to create balance on all levels. Swami Mukti blends and applies practices to suit your personality, body type and health challenges.


+351 938 192 027 – Cristina Bello
+351 933 199 593 – Atul Mulji


Casa Vinyasa – Ashtanga Yoga Shala
Av. Sidónio Pais, Nº16 5ºEsq, 1050-215 Lisbon, Portugal

Start: Sat, 06-Oct-2018, 10:00  –  End: Wed, 10-Oct-2018, 17:00
Email: swamimuktilisboa@gmail.com – Web: www.light-mind.org – T: 93 319 95 93

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