Portugal: Ahimsa Portugal Events 2013

| 03-22, 2013

Pedrógão Pequeno, Sertã | March – December, 2013

Ahimsa Portugal is sharing the dates for their events in 2013. They propose Quiet Mind Weeks, Mindful Body Weeks and Thai Yoga Massage Courses. Find below all dates until December 2013.

Ahimsa Project is located in central Portugal in Fonte de Baixo which is situated between Serra da Lousã mountains and Zêzere River valley, is an experimental biotope for the promotion of peace and sustainability. Throughout the year they host a variety of workshop and training events ranging from growing vegetables in tune with the phases of the moon, natural beekeeping, vegetarian cooking, Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga to Zen meditation and eco-retreats.

The aim of the Ahimsa is to provide a space where people can go to learn and grow in a peaceful surrounding close to nature. Here are a few events to put in your diary. For detailed programmes and other events please visit the website www.ahimsa-portugal.comor visit them on facebook.

Quiet Mind Weeks

“Wherever you go, there you are.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Our beliefs about what will make us happy and more fulfilled, to make a change in the world, seem to point away from “here”. We are always going somewhere, internally or externally – shopping, cinema, a restaurant, the television or computer game, the Internet, magazines or newspapers, the latest spiritual or self-help guru, our partners, our worries, our fears, hopes and attachments – and so on. We are in motion, going after, seeking out, restless, never satisfied, never at peace. Quiet Mind is an opportunity to stop and settle in the “here and now”.

  • May 5th – 11th – Space available
  • June 2nd – 8th – Space available
  • June 30th – July 6th – Space available
  • August – Thai Yoga Massage – see other page
  • September 1st – 7th – Space available
  • October 6th – 12th – Space available
  • November 3rd – 9th – Space available
  • December – Winter retreat – request details


Mindful Body Weeks

Have you ever experienced this odd sensation, that after a day of working in the office, running from one meeting to another often grabbing lunch on the way, that your body feels like a stranger to you? It is numb and life-less? The feet feel a long way away, but the head is full …

Mindful-body is an invitation to you to come into a meaningful conversation with your body:  listen, move and breathe without your mind running away or interruption. As each day passes you will begin to notice what you see, hear, touch, smell and taste has a profound influence on your body. The senses bring us into the present moment, into the here and now, into the only moment we have.

  • April 14th – 20th – Space available
  • May 19th – 25th – Space available
  • June 16th – 22nd – Space available
  • July 14th – 20th – Space available
  • August – Thai Yoga Massage training
  • September 15th – 21st – Space available
  • October 20th – 26th – Space available
  • November 17th – 23rd – Space available
  • December – Winter retreat – request details



More information:
Email: info@ahimsa-portugal.com – T: 00351 236 488 047 – 00351 915 055 86 – Web: www.ahimsa-portugal.com– www.ahimsa-portugal.blogspot.com

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