Germany: International Yoga Congress 2010 at Yoga Vidya

| 10-11, 2010

Horn-Bad Meinberg | 12-14 November, 2010

Yoga Vidya School in Germany will host an International Yoga Congress in November 2010. It will be an intensive weekend in witch participants will get insight into traditional and “modern” styles of Yoga.

You can dive deep into the holistic integral and spiritual dimension of Yoga in all its wide scope, in a single place. Yoga Therapy in its physical-oriented and psychological aspect will also be presented. The Yoga Congress is for beginners who want to explore, as much as for experienced Yogis and Yoginís looking for new ideas and inspiration in their own practice and teaching. 50 speakers from 12 countries are presenting the diverse forms of Yoga. The Congress will have the presence of Sudhir Vyas the Ambassador of India in Berlin, Germany.

Kali Ray, Anna Trökes, Amadio Bianchi, Narayani, Swami Suddhananda,
Swami Yogaswarupananda, Swami Atma, Shanmug Eckhardt,
Leela Mata, Rita Keller, Pandit Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sati, Sukadev Bretz

… and many other fascinating yoga masters and yoga greats, experience
them up close and personal, let yourself be inspired…

TriYoga®, ChiYoga, Kashmir Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Yoga by André van Lysebeth,
Chakra Yoga, Hormone Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Laughter Yoga,
Yoga Nidra TM, Yoga and Positive Psychology, Yoga Therapy
– All this and
much more is awaiting you at the International Yoga Vidya Congress.

Backup theory with extensive practice: Lectures, workshops, Yoga classes, meditations, Mantra chanting, relaxation, healthy and delicious vegetarian organic food, and an intense, energetic atmosphere.

Speakers at the Congress

1 – Sukadev Bretz
2 – Shivakami Bretz
3 – Swami Atma-swaruparamananda
4 – Claudia Bauer
5 – Dr Kurt Gudakesha Becker
6 – Sahar Berressem
7 – Amadio Bianchi

8 – Maria Czubala
9 – Angelika Doerne
10 – Billy Doyle
11 – Shanmug Westley Eckhardt
12 – Mahashakti Engeln
13 – Sigmund Feuerabendt
14 – Kalima Frank
15 – Agnieszka Grin-Walaszek

16 – Shivapriya Ângela Große-Lohmann
17 – Harilalji
18 – Jutta Qu’já Hartmann
19 – Dr Purnima Elisabeth Kaiser
20 – Bharata Kaspar
21 – Rita Keller
22 – Indrayani Ingá Kellermann
23 – Lars Kellermann

24 – Sat Bir Singh Khalsa
25 – Nepal Lodh
26 – Leela Mata
27 – Jadranko Miklec
29 – Maria Vani Devi Niggenkemper-Watanabe
28 – Mohit
30 – Bhajan Noam
31 – Patrik Noblet

32 – Dr Jyoti Prabhakar Oak
33 – Claudia Persche
34 – Ravi Thomas Persche
35 – Amba Popiel Hoffmann
36 – Narayani Rabinovich
37 – Kali Ray
38 – Bernd Rößler
39 – Dr Nalini Sahay

40 – Dr Pt Dinesh Chandra Sati
41 – Nirmala Devi Lucia Schmidt
42 – Dr Uwe Staroske
43 – Ilona Strohschein
44 – Swami Suddhananda
45 – Subodh Tiwari
46 – Anna Trökes
47 – Lakshmana Wittig
48 – Swami Yogaswarupananda
49 – Daricha Zaremba

Program Contens

Agnieszka Grin-Walaszek –  Yoga and Pregnancy
Amadio Bianchi –  In breathing Lies the Secret of Life, Pránáyáma – Srotas – Purification Techniques for the Energy Channels
Angelika Doerne –  Spiritual Crises – a Map for Yogis und Yoga Teachers
Anna Trökes –  Yoga in the View of Modern Brain Research
Atma-swaruparamananda, Swami – Serve, love, give, meditate and realise, Steps to Spiritual Development in Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Bernd Rößler –  Jyotish – Recognising the Opportunities of Life
Bhajan Noam –  Prána Yoga Conscious Breathing – Actively Enhanced Quality of Life and Transformation
Bharata Kaspar –  Mythological Stories
Billy Doyle –  Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition
Daricha Zaremba –  Kundaliní Energy
Harilalji, Acharya –  Integral Yoga Therapy: The 5 Sheaths and Cyclical Relaxation
Ilona Strohschein –  The Yoga Teacher as an Ambassador of Joy and Silent Revolutionary – Yoga and Marketing in Transformation
Jadranko Miklec –  Vedic Yoga
Jutta Qu’já Hartmann –  Yoga and Healing Techniques after Experiencing Trauma
Jyoti Prabhakar Oak, Dr. –  The Empirical Aspect of Yoga, Yoga Therapy for Treatment of Back Problems
Kali Ray –  TriYoga® Prasara
Kalima Frank –  First Experiences With Our 2-Week Yogatherapy – Intensive Course for Special Diseases
Lakshmana Wittig –  Áyurveda – Healthy Living in Harmony With Nature’s Elements
Leela Mata –  Classical Yoga Vidyá Satsang, Dream Yoga
Mahashakti Engeln –  Chakra Therapy: Therapeutic work with chakras
Maria Czubala –  Yoga After Breast Operations
Maria Vani Devi Niggenkemper-Watanabe –  Kathakali “Todayam”
Mohit –  Karma Yoga and Modern Life
Nalini Sahay, Dr. –  Meditations from the Tantras, Yoga Nidra™
Narayani Rabinovich –  The International Yoga Conference as Satsang
Nepal Lodh –  Spiritual Self-Awareness for Inner Growth and Harmony

Nirmala Lucia Schmidt –  ChiYogaFlow and the Yoga of the Bhagavad Gítá
Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sati, Dr. –  Vedic Horoscope and Karma
Pandit Dr Dinesh Chandra Sati –  The Basic Influence of the Nine Planets on Our Life and Health
Patrik Noblet –  Characteristics of Yoga in the Tradition of André van Lysebeth
Purnima Elisabeth Kaiser, Dr. –  Anti Aging with Business Yoga
Rita Keller –  Indian Tradition and the Contemporary West, “Why do so many women practice Yoga Isn’t Yoga a manly domain?”
Sahar Berressem and Gudakesha Dr Kurt Becker –  Yogalethics – Yoga program for Fitness Centers
Sat Bir Khalsa –  Yoga and stress management, Yoga Therapy Research, Yoga Therapy Research Past Present and Future
Shanmug Westley Eckhardt –  Overcome Resistance to Change, Positive psychology and Yoga
Shivakami Bretz –  Expanding Consciousness with Yoga and Shape Work, Psychological Yoga Therapy – Help towards self-help, Psychological Yoga Therapy class, Psychotherapeutic Elements in Yoga and Áyurveda
Shivapriya Ângela Große-Lohmann –  Hormone Yoga
Sigmund Feuerabendt –  Devotional Hour in Yoga Sútra
Subodh Tiwari –  Shavásana, Pránáyáma and Trataka, Yoga in Schools and for Students
Suddhananda, Swami –  Meditation – Talks on Meditation with a Practical Session, Yoga – the Means and the End
Sudhir Vyas (Indian Ambassador) –  Greeting to the Congress
Suguna Langer –  Vedantic Meditation, Silent meditation, Maitri Bhavana Meditation, Chakra meditation, Mantra meditation, Heart Meditation
Sukadev Bretz –  Evening Meditation, Mantra chanting, Arati (Light ceremony), The International Importance of Yoga in the Rise of a World Culture
Uwe Staroske –  Yoga – Now
Yogaswarupananda, Swami –  Japa Meditation, Satsang, The Meaning of Yoga in Everyday Life

About Yoga Vidya Lehrer/innen e.V.

Yoga Vidya Lehrer/innen e.V.Lehrer/innen e.V. is a Yoga Teacher Organization with the goal of helping people to become healthy, develop their personality, come to self-knowledge and broaden their consciousness by practicing classical, authentic Yoga.

About Yoga Vidya Seminar House

The Yoga Vidya seminar house is a place of high spiritual power, nicely situated in the woods, in the idyllic “Teutoburger Wald”, near Paderborn. Despite its quiet location, it can easily be reached: by car (national highway B239), by train (station Horn-Bad Meinberg) or by plane (airport Paderborn, then by train to Horn). Exact travel information will be sent together with the confirmation of registration. Horn-Bad Meinberg

Date: 12.-14 November, 2010
Location: Yoga Vidya Seminar House “Haus Yoga Vidya”, Wällenweg 42, D-32805 – Horn-Bad Meinberg

More information:
Email: rezeption@yoga-vidya.deT: 05234/87-2203 – Fax: 05234/87-1880 – Web:

See also other events by: Yoga Vidya


List of Speakers

Agnieszka Grin-Walaszek (15)  –   Experienced Yoga Teacher and Body Fitness Instructor
Amadio Bianchi (7)  –   President of the World Movement for Yoga, European Yoga Federation
Amba Popiel Hoffmann (35)  –   Founder of the Yoga Vidya Center in Darmstadt, Yoga Teacher (BYV)
Angelika Doerne (9)  –   Certified Family Counselor Psychotherapeutic Healer, Yoga Teacher (BYV)
Anna Trökes (46)  –   Directs training courses at “TRIKA – Academy for Hatha Yoga” in Berlin, autor of 24 books, CDs and DVDs on Hatha Yoga and Yoga Meditation
Atma-swaruparamananda, Swami (3)  –   Yoga Teacher, disciple of Swami Vishnu-devananda
Bernd Rößler (38)  –   Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) practitioner and counsellor
Bhajan Noam (30)  –   Prána-Yoga, completed a five-year breathing therapy training at Ilse-Middendorf Institute
Bharata Kaspar (20)  –   Yoga Vidya Acharya, a beloved teacher of Yoga (BYV) and spiritual advisor
Billy Doyle (10)  –   Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition with Jean Klein, Advaita Vedánta, author
Claudia Persche (33)  –   Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist Lecturer – Yoga Therapy Program at Yoga Vidya
Daricha Zaremba (49)  –   Yoga Teacher (BYV) Breathing and Relaxation Instructor (BYVG), Instructor for advanced Pránáyáma and Kundaliní Yoga
Harilalji (17)  –   Yoga Teacher, Yoga
Ilona Strohschein (43)  –   Foundor the E.max.Seminar and Yoga Center in Neustadt Saxony in 1995, since 1991 one of the first Yoga teachers in East of Dresden
Indrayani Inga Kellermann (22)  –   Independent Yoga Teacher, sport and gymnastic, Áyurveda Marma Masseuse, Reiki
Jadranko Miklec (27)  –   Yoga and Sport Consultant (Justice Ministry in Zagreb), Karate Master, Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi’s Vedic Science Teacher
Jutta Qu’ja Hartmann (18)  –   Director of the Kheyala Institut eV, Yoga Teacher, Shamanism
Jyoti Prabhakar Oak, Dr. (32)  –   Doctor of Psychology, Yoga-therapeutic work for 30 years in the Kaivalyadhama – Yoga Institute – Lonavla India
Kali Ray (37)  –   The Founder of TriYoga®
Kalima Frank (14)  –   Yoga Teacher (BYV), Yoga Therapist Doctor of Orthopedics
Kurt Gudakesha Becker, Dr. (5)  –   IntegrativeYoga Psychological Counselor (BYVG), Yoga Teacher (BYV)
Lakshmana Wittig (47)  –   Yoga Vidya Áyurveda Achárya Health Consultant and Therapist
Lars Kellermann (23)  –   Independent Yoga Teacher and Pilates Trainer
Leela Mata (26)  –   Beloved Yoga Master from Florida, Áyurveda practitioner
Mahashakti Engeln (12)  –   Yoga Vidya Acharya, Yoga Therapist Meditation Teacher and Healer
Maria Czubala (8)  –   Certified Yoga Teacher and Body Fitness Instructor, works with the oncological association UNICORN
Maria Vani Devi Niggenkemper-Watanabe (29)  –   Meditation and Yoga Instructor (BYV), Licensed MD Nutrition and Health Advisor (BYVG)
Mohit (28)  –   Close disciple and vigorous supporter of Swami Nityananda
Nalini Sahay, Dr. (39)  –   Psychologist Yoga Achárya, Disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Director of TORCH charity (street children and AIDS, New Dehli)
Narayani Rabinovich (36)  –   Long-time direct disciple of Swami Vishnu-devananda
Nepal Lodh (25)  –   Indian Yoga Master, Chairman of the German – Indian Hindu Society Bremen
Nirmala Devi Lucia Schmidt (41)  –   Movement Trainer, Yoga Teacher BDY/EYU, Breathing Therapist, Counsellor for Pyschosomatic Medicine (from Rüdiger Dahlke), author
Patrik Noblet (31)  –   Cofounder of the Yoga Center in Brussels (2004) and the André van Lysebeth Foundation (2009)
Pt Dinesh Chandra Sati, Dr. (40)  –   Director of the Himalaya Research Institute
Purnima Elisabeth Kais, Dr. (19)  –   Director of the Yoga Vidya Center in Munich-Unterhaching (Business Yoga Compentence Center), former bank manager,
Ravi Thomas Persche (34)  –   Independent Healer Yoga Teacher (BYV) Yoga, Áyurveda Therapist
Rita Keller (21)  –   Senior Teacher and Director of the Iyengar Yoga Institut in Rhein-Ahr and Cologne, Over 40 years of Yoga practice
Sahar Berressem (6)  –   Yoga Teacher (Courses on Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga with Bryan Kest adapted from K Pattabhi Jois)
Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, PhD. (24)  –   Assistant Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School, Neuro scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, U.S.
Shanmug Westley Eckhardt (11)  –   Director and Head of Training of the Sananda Yoga Center, Madrid
Shivakami Bretz (2)  –   Yoga Teacher and Trainer of Yoga Teachers, Psychotherapist, Áyurveda Health Consultant
Shivapriya Angela Große-Lohmann (16)  –   Yoga Teacher (BYV) Teacher and Lecturer
Sigmund Feuerabendt (13)  –   82 years old Kundalini Yoga Máster, Age researcher relaxation specialist, Sacharow student and successor
Subodh Tiwari (45)  –   Manager of the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Therapy Institute in Lonavla, Southern India
Suddhananda, Swami (44)  –   Head of the Suddhananda Foundation for Self Knowledge, invited by the United Nations to join the Millenium Peace Conference in New York in 2000
Sukadev Bretz (1)  –   Founder and Director of Yoga Vidya eV
Uwe Staroske, Dr. (42)  –   Yoga teacher at the Hindu Academy Bremen, Economist at the University of Bremen
Yogaswarupananda, Swami (48)  –   Vice-president of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh

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