Course in Lisbon: The Energy Body – The world of the bioenergy

| 03-04, 2009

Lisbon – Portugal | March 14, 2009 at 15h00

The Unidade 5 de Outubro of the Rede DeRose, has the pleasure to have Master Carlos Cardoso giving the course “ The Energy Body – The world of the bioenergy “. 

This course reveals our energy body and the paths followed by the bioenergy. It teaches how that source of power is processed inside the body: how it is captured, subdivided, stored and distributed. 

Through practical and sensorial exercises the participant will know the 12 pránas that are part of our body, and will understand the several chakras, the fantastic system of nádís and the processing of many other energy phenomena, described by Yoga, in our organism. 

Make your reservation ! Limited vacancies. 


About Master Carlos Cardoso:

He is Master in Yoga from the International University of Yoga, and attended courses in several countries (Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and India). He is direct disciple of Master DeRose since 1986. 

Since 1987 he teaches courses and workshops in several Yoga institutions. Before that he has been Graduated in Composition and Regency from the Federal University of Bahia – Brazil,  and since 1979, he participated on several courses for regents, he was awarded twice in composers’ contests and he participated in the Symphonic Orquestra of the same University as cellist. 

He made research and traing courses in INDIAN in 1989, 1998 and 1999 in the Sivánanda Áshram (Rishikesh / Himalayas), Satyánanda Áshram (Munger/Bihar) and Krishna Kripá Áhsram, among others, on Indian Classic music, Mantra, Yoga and kindred themes. 

He was guest-lecturer in the Yoga International Festivals organised annually since 1988 up to 2003 in Salvador, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis / Brazil, Porto / Portugal and Buenos Aires / Argentina.

Event: Course: The Energy Body – The world of the bioenergy

Date: March 14, 2009

Hours: 15 h

Place: UNIDADE 5 DE OUTUBRO, Av. Cinco de Outubro, 180 – r/c esq. 1050-063 LISBON

Language: Portuguese

Contacts: Tel.: 217 800 947 – Email::

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